Paid web hosting providers

are competing against free services so naturally they are going to offer you more options when it comes to web hosting. One of the best advantages of paid website hosting is the free software and free installation that comes with your package. Some of these software packages include website builders, email hosting, programming scripts, project management programs, marketing applications, merchant services, inventory management and payroll software.

According to some web hosting plans

the maintenance of the hosted software may be the responsibility of the service provider. That means you can focus on marketing and strategy while a server operator manages your application and hard components, handles data back up and disaster recovery plans, as well as any other networking problems. Operators would also be responsible for updating software for enhanced security and improved functionality. The primary advantage is that all of this managed software can save you time and money that you would ordinarily spend on maintenance or tech support.

Some of the software you might be interested in will include:

WordPress: An open source blog publishing application. (The latest version was released in February 2009)

Joomla: An open source content management system that lets you publish content on the web as well as intranets. Joomla also gives you plenty of options in the way of RSS feeds, news, blogs, polls, web searching and languages.

Drupal: An open source content management system that gives the user many options in the way of web programming and web administration.

Free web hosting

may be easy on your wallet, but any such service is limited in what options it opens to you. A paid web hosting service gives you as many options as you can use, including free software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more applications. For more information on free software available with paid hosting look up premium hosting packages online.

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