Why Windows May Be the Best Web Host For You

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If you are new to the web-based business, you probably don’t know very much about web hosting. You will need to make a few decisions based on your needs and budget. One of these decisions is whether to go with a Windows or Linux server. The most popular type of web hosting is Windows web hosting. It is a widely used program that is typically easy to operate and globally known and user-friendly. Windows hosting also offers the most features for your website.

There are several features developed by Microsoft that can only be operated by a Windows hosting plan. For example, if you need to operate FrontPage, Windows Streaming Media, Access, .NET, and Java, you will need to choose Windows hosting. Most other open source products can also run effectively on Windows.

Windows has become so popular that most applications and technologies are being developed with compatibility options for this system. Windows hosting has been thought of as more expensive than Linux hosting, but you can actually find plans for less than ten dollars a month on a shared server. If you want a dedicated server that is used for your site only, you will be spending a good deal more.

Another big advantage to using Windows host is that it supports ASP, or Active Server Pages, which enables the user to develop eye-catching interactive pages in order to increase traffic to their site. If ASP hosting is what you need, then you will need to get Windows 2000 web hosting.

Most programmers think that Windows 2003 is the best Microsoft web hosting program so far. It is more secure than other systems and has more modern tools and features to keep your website looking and operating at its best.

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ASP Hosting Allows for More Dynamic Pages

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So you’re creating a website. You want creative, interactive pages that really stand out against your competition. ASP hosting can do this for you. ASP stands for Active Server Page. ASP is supported by Windows 2000, but it can be installed on most other versions of Windows as well. When working with other operating systems, there is a version known as iASP that is built in java script and will work just as well as the original version.

A great advantage to using ASP web hosting

is that it is easily maintained. You don’t need a great knowledge of HTML like you would when building some other websites. ASP is easy to learn, making it easier to build eye-catching pages in a shorter amount of time. The page you build can also be viewed properly on any web browser, so you won’t have to worry about your design being compromised.

Not all web servers can support this technology, so if you want to use ASP.NET hosting, you will need to make sure that it is available through whatever web hosting service you choose. When choosing a provider, look for the one with the least amount of outages. The correct processing of ASP by the server is imperative. If there are problems, your site may be down or not work correctly for an extended period of time.

You should also make sure to choose a provider that has twenty-four hour customer support. This is one of the most important things to make sure of when choosing a provider. If your site goes down at three in the morning and you need technical support, you want to make sure someone is going to be there to help you get your site back up and running.

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Why You Should Find an ASP Web Hosting Service

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Why should you find an ASP web hosting service?

ASP.net is a web application framework, which is made by Microsoft. This system allows web programmers to create dynamic web sites, as well as dynamic applications. In web lingo, this means a web page which provides users with an interactive experience, not just dead graphics and text.

Now more than ever, and especially in this age of ADD-friendly entertainment, users need constant interaction. They crave interaction all the more so, considering that Internet life is a tad alienating in and of itself. The more “boring” the business might seem to average web viewers (let’s face it, insurance and VMware is a hard sell), then the more Dynamic content you should put on your page. Instead of dryly lecturing the audience on what the business is, webmasters today try make the experience enjoyable, colorful and even (gasp!) fun.

In order to do this you need Dynamic content, and Windows servers are the superior choice for a Dynamic content website. You could use a Windows server or look for an ASP web hosting service. ASP.net is a program that allows web designers to write ASP.net code using any supported .net language. What are some of the advantages of using ASP.net?

For one thing, ASP reduces the amount of code required to build large applications on your server. The program has built-in Windows authentication and provides native optimization as well as simplicity. Beginners to web hosting can use this system with ease, especially when compared to more complex systems.

ASP.net also provides a rich toolbox and designer program in the Visual Studio environment. Users can access WYSIWYG features, and can also monitor all of their processes. This will help you in spotting any memory leaks, infinite loops or illegal user activity.

You can find an ASP hosting service online. Make sure your content is dynamic—give your web users something to be excited about!

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Investing in Cheap Linux Web Hosting For the Ultimate Online Presence

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You can and should find cheap Linux web hosting services

in order to launch your business or company site online, and there are many advanced technologies that make this type of service very desirable for every type of service or product that you might offer. Using the Linux web hosting is a great way of staying current and cutting edge with the design and functionality of your business pages without taking a huge chunk out of your funds or wallet. On a monthly and yearly basis, cheap Linux hosting offers the best prices and the most far reaching technologies.

If you are merely after a flash page or a simple contact and product or services description for your business, you can fairly safely opt for a free web hosting page, and this will allow you the exposure that you need without committing you to a monthly payment. In most cases, this option will entail allowing your web hosting provider to run ads on your pages, but this does not interfere with the productivity, visibility, or functionality of your site or the vital information that you have entered therein.

Cheap web hosting

is graded based on customer satisfaction, cost, width and size of your site, and on the dependability of the services that are offered for the price. You will also want to investigate the site builder that you will be offered to work with. If you wish to have a web master within that company build your site for you, the costs per hour or feature that you will be charged. These details will have everything to do with the overall services that you are offered and the way that they will play up your business. You want to gain clients and exposure, so if the costs are too high to justify the results, you will want to keep looking.

Discount web hosting

should not be confused with the common and less comprehensive forms of web building. You will be offered the most powerful and convenient programs, scripts, and software features through key builders and format tools, and this is a very impressive and feasible way of gaining the site of your dreams without having to invest a huge chunk of money and time in order to do it properly. You should have fun and feel confident with the Linux web hosting plans that you choose.

Compare Web Hosts

is a premier web hosting directory that provides accurate and unbiased web hosting reviews. You can find the best web hosting, ASP web hosting and Windows web hosting online at CompareWebHosts.com.

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Resources for Learning ASP.NET

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Microsoft’s ASP.NET

gives programmers a way to create websites for free. Companies like Lego, MySpace.com, Microsoft and Dell used ASP.NET to develop their company sites. If it’s good enough for Lego, is it good enough for you? Well, check out their site to decide for yourself. ASP.NET is an economical solution because it’s free, and as the saying goes, the best things in life are free. ASP.NET uses less code, which translates to fewer headaches and ASP.NET web hosting is easily obtainable for a small fee.

For those unversed in ASP.NET

there are plenty of beginner books on the market to bring you from novice level to, well, maybe not expert status, but something above novice. For those who need to understand more than the basic concepts, there’s a variety of professional level books available too.

Advanced developers may appreciate ASP.NET 3.5 Unleashed by Stephen Walther. This is a heavy book that weighs in at almost 6 pounds and is not for the faint-hearted.

But, Walther is a Microsoft legend, so he is to be trusted. This book shows programmers how to build interactive sites that can handle tons of traffic, and gives tips on securing applications. He shows you how to use ASP.NET AJAX and how to best use Microsoft’s database query language.

Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework by Steven Sanderson is getting high marks at Amazon. Sanderson’s book goes over REST concepts and explores all facets of the ASP.NET MVC framework. A lot of readers are saying that it’s the best techie book they have ever read.

Beginning ASP.NET 3.5: In C# and VB by Imar Spaanjaars is appreciated by beginners with little or no code understanding. Spaanjaars explains how to install Visual Web Developer and builds on what you’ve learned from chapter to chapter. By the end of the book, even novices can build rich, interactive web sites with no fear.

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Windows Based ASP Websites Require Dedicated ASP Hosting

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ASP web hosting

has long been a popular server type for people looking to create dynamic and inventive websites. The software is remarkably versatile and the programming is entirely server side. The program runs through a Windows based environment, and requires ASP.net hosting. If you are looking to create a dynamic website, finding an ASP host can be an excellent decision. ASP website hosting enables a site owner to take full advantage of the programming technologies offered by Microsoft and the environment is ideal for creating websites that offer multiple features.

ASP hosting

is required when using the technology due to the way the program works. When an information request is sent by a user’s computer, the server contacts ASP in order to process the information. From here, any script commands are run and the user is given access to the information or feature they were seeking. The entire process takes only a fraction of a second when a proper host is used.

Put simply, ASP is an excellent technology that offers a wide array of features. The Windows platform has always offered excellent tools for web developers, and ASP allows developers to take full advantage of Microsoft’s array of programs and functions. Choosing an ASP web host should involve careful research and consideration. You will want to compare asp hosts including type of server, space and bandwidth as well as the uptime ration and the reputation of the host itself.

When you find a web host

that offers excellent maintenance as well as superior performance, you will find that your ASP based website offers customers a feature rich and easy to use web browsing experience. E-commerce is the most popular form of commerce in most parts of the world today, and owning a website that is easy to use is an important part of taking advantage of this fact. With the right website and the right host, ASP can help you make your site as successful as possible.

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A Quality Web Host with Outstanding Uptime Does Not Have to Be Costly

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When you decide to hire a professional web host

you will see many different promises, prices, and features. Many web hosts promise great uptime for their servers, and to newer clients, there appears to be little difference between 99.9% uptime and 99.99% uptime. The truth, however, is that the difference equals many hours that your website or server will not be operating if you choose a company offering 99.9%. When you choose a cheap web host, you will want the highest uptime percentage possible, and you might be surprised to learn that you do not have to pay a fortune to get it.

One of the most important things you can do when choosing a web host is to take the time to compare all of the features offered by multiple hosts. You should certainly compare server uptime, as this is one of the most important criteria for your business, but there are other things to examine as well. Comparing ram, hard drive capacity, bandwidth, and whether the server is private or shared can help you ensure that you get the best server possible. Figure out what you need for your business and find the host that best meets your goals.

A Web Host Company

that promises the most uptime will offer maintenance professionals that can work quickly to get your server back online before it creates a problem for your business. Look into each company carefully, and try to find web host reviews when possible. When you find a company that can offer and manage server while offering as close to 100% uptime as possible, you will find that you have made an excellent investment in your business. As more and more sales are made online, the importance of having a professionally hosted dedicated server increases every day.

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ASP.NET Web Hosting – Advantages And Disadvantages

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Are you considering ASP.NET web hosting?

ASP.NET is actually a web application framework that can help programmers to build their own websites, applications and other web services. Microsoft developed and marketed ASP.net, first releasing it in January 2002. This program is the successor to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology. The idea behind ASP.NET is that is built on Common Language Runtime (CLR) technology, which lets programmers create this specific code using any supported .NET language.

You may have read

that some websites are offering ASP web hosting. What does this mean? This means that the provider is offering you web space, whether through a shared, virtual or dedicated server, and is giving you the option of using ASP.NET for building your website and web applications. Some users say that building such web applications is much easier since ASP.NET requires far less code. ASP.NET is the preferred framework software for many users, since it can work with HTML, WML, or XML, and also supports multiple .NET languages. This enhanced compatibility also includes support for VB.NET, C# and JScript.NET.

What are the primary advantages of ASP.NET?

As stated, the software reduces the amount of code needed to build large applications. Users also state that the program makes the development process easier along with future maintenance. Because the source code and HTML are together with ASP.NET, pages are much easier to write. Applications made with ASP.NET applications are known to run faster and accommodate heavy traffic without any performance problems. ASP.NET validates information given by the user and does not require additional codes for this process. An ASP.NET hosting server continuously monitors all pages of a website, as well as related components and applications. Additionally, the system offers enhanced protection. If the server picks up on any illegal activities, memory leaks, or infinite loops, it will automatically stop all processes and restart the system.

The primary disadvantage of ASP.NET

is that the software can only run on a Windows based platform. Choosing Windows and ASP.NET could mean more of an initial cost for the buyer. Additionally, some users claim that because the control of the code is built in with the web server controls, this limits flexibility.

Are you thinking of signing with a website provider because they give access to ASP.NET? If you are already using a Windows server then this may be a logical idea. We’ve compiled a list of Guaranteed Web Hosting providers to help you find a suitable ASP.NET web hosting company.

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