A Quality Web Host with Outstanding Uptime Does Not Have to Be Costly

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When you decide to hire a professional web host

you will see many different promises, prices, and features. Many web hosts promise great uptime for their servers, and to newer clients, there appears to be little difference between 99.9% uptime and 99.99% uptime. The truth, however, is that the difference equals many hours that your website or server will not be operating if you choose a company offering 99.9%. When you choose a cheap web host, you will want the highest uptime percentage possible, and you might be surprised to learn that you do not have to pay a fortune to get it.

One of the most important things you can do when choosing a web host is to take the time to compare all of the features offered by multiple hosts. You should certainly compare server uptime, as this is one of the most important criteria for your business, but there are other things to examine as well. Comparing ram, hard drive capacity, bandwidth, and whether the server is private or shared can help you ensure that you get the best server possible. Figure out what you need for your business and find the host that best meets your goals.

A Web Host Company

that promises the most uptime will offer maintenance professionals that can work quickly to get your server back online before it creates a problem for your business. Look into each company carefully, and try to find web host reviews when possible. When you find a company that can offer and manage server while offering as close to 100% uptime as possible, you will find that you have made an excellent investment in your business. As more and more sales are made online, the importance of having a professionally hosted dedicated server increases every day.

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Understanding Web Hosting Lingo

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In the world of Internet and technology

especially when referring anything to do with the Internet, there are plenty of terms and phrases that can be quite confusing for the average man or woman. When you decide to create a website, you will be dealing with many of these terms. So that you can understand what you are working with and what the web host means, here is a list of common terms and what they mean.

Web host

refers to the company that will actually host or place your web site on the Internet. Web hosts provide servers to store your website, tools to build the site, technical support, and Ecommerce options, for a fee.

A domain name

is simply the same thing as a web address. When you choose a domain name for your company, you cannot use a name that is already in use anywhere else on the Internet. Subdomains are addresses that point to specific pages on a domain. An example of a domain is www.yourbusiness.com, and a subdomain is www.feedback.yourbusiness.com.

In order to use a domain, you will have to register it. This way, no one else can use that domain, and it will be yours. You will have to renew your domain registration each year.

Linux web hosting platforms

are referring to a specific type of software that can be used to create web pages. There are two different platforms from which you can choose, Linux and Windows. Linux is virtually free and can handle several different script languages, but may be limited in what you can add to your site. Windows web hosting does cost money, but is completely compatible with Microsoft tools.

Bandwidth refers to how fast your data can be transferred, or in layman’s terms, how quickly a page will download for viewers. For free websites, bandwidth is usually quite restricted. In most cases, the higher the bandwidth, the better.

Parked domains are domain names that all go to the same website. Many large websites use this so that they can be easily found. Parked domains can be useful if your company has a hard to spell name, or it goes by a couple of different names.

There are many other terms you will most likely hear, but since you will know what these basic phrases mean, you will have no problem understanding other words that you will hear as you shop for and find the right web host.

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How to Find Cheap Web Hosting that Isn’t “Cheap”

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When we call someone “cheap” we usually mean that they are painfully frugal or obsessed with finding the lowest prices possible. When we call an object or service “cheap” we may mean that it is not of the highest quality and that it comes at a low cost. Unfortunately, low prices don’t always mean good quality or good service.

So, how you find cheap web hosting that isn’t “cheap” in the worst meaning of the word? To begin a search for cheap or affordable web hosting requires a good understanding of what is needed from the service.

For example, the business or individual must really know what they want to do with the website. Do they need some pages with nice graphics and clear information? Do they need e-commerce functions that will allow visitors to shop through a catalog or many pages of products? Do they want their own IP address and domain name?

Web hosting companies can provide all of these services, and most can do so at an affordable and high-quality level. In today’s technologically advanced world, a “cheap” web hosting company will sell their client space on a server and little else. This may cost a business or individual very little of their budget, but it also provides far less than other equally affordable options.

To find cheap web hosting that isn’t “cheap” requires a bit of time comparison shopping in order to see what the web hosting companies are offering. The most basic services should provide guaranteed “uptime”, round the clock technical support, a few email address accounts, domain registration, flexible operating platforms and updated security features.
If a web hosting company does not provide access to such services it should be considered truly “cheap”, in the worst meanings for the word, and be avoided.

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The Budget Web Host – Myth or Reality

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Does the state of the economy

have you eyeing your bank balance in apprehension? Are you cutting down, cutting back, budgeting differently and still experiencing the “crunch”? If so, then welcome to the party. The economy has certainly seen some better days. That said, there is no reason that you cannot run a profitable company and even make use of the benefits found through ecommerce and online development. How are you to do this? Does a “budget” web host make sense in this case?

To answer that question

you’ll have to understand the truth behind budget web hosts. They come in two broad varieties – those who offer low costs and no service and those who offer low costs and better service. When put in this manner, the choice seems logical, doesn’t it? While choosing the low-cost provider that offers plenty of service seems the sensible decision, many entrepreneurs and business owners are seduced to the dark side with promises of incredibly low rates. It is only later that they discover the web host they’ve chosen is a bit less than it should be.

In order to avoid falling victim

to these less-than savory website hosts, it is imperative that you do some research before signing up with any host. You’ll need to compare uptime (look for at least 99.7% uptime, not 99%). You’ll also need to compare the services offered. Does the company force you to do your own updates? Do they offer FTP access to your site? What, exactly, do they manage, if anything? Do they offer live updates and backups or do they simply give you a place to put your website, leaving the rest of the details up to you? While some people may find a no-service provider an acceptable choice, it is not for everyone.

Compare Web Hosting

was designed to give an advantage to those who are looking to improve their web hosting plans and save on cost. Each showcase, like Budget Web Hosting offers a convenient way to compare all features dynamically.

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Finding a High-Quality Web Host on a Budget

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Almost everyone is pinching pennies in this economy

and running an online business is no different. If you’re a small business that doesn’t rely 100% on traffic driven through your website, this is especially the case for you. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies out there that specialize in budget web hosting.

You’ll usually find that ‘budget’

doesn’t necessarily mean ‘cheap’ when it comes to the important things like technical and customer support, guaranteed uptime, and availability of storage space. If you must choose a smaller web hosting package now, you can always upgrade later when it’s absolutely necessary. Today, you simply need your site to be functional and have the opportunity to start building a relationship with your partners in business.

All of the features you want

and need are still available at a lower cost, making budget website hosting

the ideal solution for those of you with only a personal site to maintain. Most of these plans will cost less than $20 monthly.

Disc space and bandwidth

are largely worried about when they don’t need to bee, especially for small businesses. You most likely will need much less than you think you do – ask the customer representatives which level is right for you!

When choosing your budget web host

, pay attention to the number of pages you’ll need, email accounts, and whether you will need to post product catalogs. Also ask of the normal maintenance and technical support service available, and how available these friendly folks will be on a regular basis – you don’t want to wait three days to get a return call about an issue that is too far gone!

Finally, ask your service

about options in upgrading your web hosting in the future when you need it. Do you have a contract or additional fees that will need to be addressed? These questions will turn your budget web hosting plan into a long-term savings plan for your entire operating budget.

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High-Quality, Yet Affordable Web Hosting

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Why Cheap Web Hosting Does not Have to be “Cheap”

Most consumers are well aware of the different meanings to the word “cheap”. There is the cheap which translates to inexpensive web hosting and yet of decent quality, and then there is the cheap that means shoddy and not really worth the investment. Of course anyone looking for a web hosting company does not want to spend any money on a service that is the worst meaning of cheap, but there are such a wide range of options that consumers must understand that cheap or discount web hosting doesn’t have to mean service of little real value.

There are many ways

in which companies, groups and individuals can find web hosting services. There are dedicated servers, shared serves and other approaches to getting a website on the Internet. Within all of the available categories there are also many companies touting themselves as “cheap” or “inexpensive”. Such web hosting companies are certainly worth investigating, but it must be understood that they may not be offering a product superior to another provider asking only a slightly higher amount for better service.

Cheap web hosting

today should translate into a simple plan with simple service. Luckily there are so many companies offering web hosting services that an excellent package is affordable by almost everyone looking to start or relocate their own website.

Most web hosting companies

have moved far beyond the “basic” service plan where space on a server and an FTP application was available. Today’s web hosting companies can offer free applications, IT services, security, large amounts of memory and even dedicated servers or virtual private servers which prevent other websites from affecting the performance of any other site on the same server.

It really pays

to do some bargain or web hosting comparison shopping before selecting any specific provider, because there are those who list their many “unlimited” capabilities or services, but who are really selling a spot on an all ready overcrowded, overworked and “crash” prone server. A consumer should look for any references, feedback or testimonials they can find and also get a detailed explanation of the services covered in the cheap web hosting package.

Some items that are fairly important

include customer service around the clock, fee-less server transfers (such as the transfer of an existing website on to the company’s server – which should come with no added costs), email accounts, e-commerce capability and diversity in operating platforms, among many others. A flexible and comprehensive provider can still offer a high-quality and yet cheap web hosting package.

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Finding Budget Web Hosting

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Anyone in business

understands the significance of the budget – it dictates almost every area of a business and creates challenges for most professionals. Many operating budgets must include line items such as advertising, marketing and general expenses, and for many companies, small businesses and organizations today, a website is part of the budget as well.

For most

the purchase and administration of a server is not always a realistic expense. Many companies must rent space on a web hosting server in order to establish an Internet presence or to conduct business on line. Generally such groups will need to have enough memory and available applications to create a dynamic and workable site, but also at a reasonable expense. Where do they find “budget” web hosting?


the wide need for such services has created a highly competitive market in web hosting services, and today’s professionals have a number of ways in which to utilize such services. While the earlier days of web hosting meant simply space on a server and an FTP site through which applications were loaded, today a customer will be able to enjoy a great many more options at only a fractionally higher cost.

There are also several ways

to save money on services by opting to use only a portion of a server rather than an entire unit. For example, consumers can rent space on a “shared server” or a “virtual private server” rather than a dedicated server. Both of these alternatives are a good way to reduce the overall expense, though they do come with some common concerns. Shared servers are home to hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of websites, and can have problems if a few of the sites are popular or heavily visited. The virtual private servers are a bit of an upgrade from the shared servers, but are still less costly than a dedicated server. The VPRs give the consumer a designated area on a shared server, without any slow down from the other sites being supported by the server, and generally a large amount of memory.

Of course, many people think

that a “budget” item must come at the expense of service, but there are many excellent web hosting providers that make a wide range of services and options available to their clients. Generally, even the least expensive web hosting packages will include email accounts, e-commerce applications, IT assistance, customer service and security updates.

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Find Out the Best of Budget Web Hosting

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The idea behind budget web hosting

is simple: you want cheap web hosting to get your growing business started online. Why would you want something cheap compared to something expensive or even to something free? Money not withstanding, what’s the difference between these types of web hosting plans? Most business owners are aware by now that free web hosting is not practical for business. Most if not all totally free web hosting providers insist on placing pop up ads and banners on free sites, which can distract web viewers. Besides this limitation, free web hosting does not provide domain registration. You may be able to get a domain, but these free domains are either sub-domains or have specific names that must be attached to the web address. Lastly, free web hosting provides very limited disk space and bandwidth. As soon as your site gets popular and you are required to update your content on a regular basis, you will have to upgrade to a paying site.

This is why most business owners

will opt for a budget web hosting plan. Budget web hosting is a compromise between free hosting and professional-level hosting which can be on the pricey side. Most budget web hosting plans try and keep the monthly subscription rate below $10 a month and may offer additional savings with a year’s worth of prepayment. What are some of the most important features for web hosting plans? A free domain name, with no limitations except to what is already claimed, is a definite advantage since some companies charge $30 a year for a registration. Allowable disk space can be anywhere from 150 gigabytes to 1,500 gigabytes. In fact, many budget web hosting plans are willing to allow unlimited disk space. Unlimited bandwidth (or data transfer per month) is also common, though some providers cap the maximums to about 15,000 gigs per month.

Customer service and technical support

is always an important issue, especially since the provider is the one that will be dealing with technical issues and your customers will be awaiting an explanation from you. Last but not least pay attention to web uptime, including any guarantees the company throws in. You should expect nothing less than 99.9%! If you would like help choosing between the top budget web hosting providers continue reading CompareWebHosts.com. This website compares all of the top servers providers in categories important to you, such as servers based on operating system, server management, e-commerce, and of course affordability.

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