Understanding ParaScale Cloud Storage Software

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ParaScale cloud storage software

is an innovative offering that allows you to take advantage of new offerings in the world of technology. However, in order to understand what it is that this software offers you, you’ll need to know a bit more about cloud computing. What is cloud computing? Simply put, it is a way to make use of software and storage space scattered around the world from your computer, without actually having to be physically connected to it.

For instance, consider ParaScale cloud storage software as a means to store vital information in a safe, secure location that you’ll never see, but that you can access through any computer. To your computer, it looks as though you are connected to a single storage solution, though it might be comprised of hundreds of different data centers around the globe. It’s a bit like being connected to a network at your business, but on a grander, far easier to use scale.

ParaScale cloud storage

gives your business several advantages. First, it provides you with storage for all of your company’s information. This alleviates the need for you to purchase servers or extra hard drives, pay for them to be setup and installed, as well as the cost of regular maintenance. Second, it ensures that all of your sensitive business data is securely protected from both electronic threats, as well as physical dangers. This type of data center is in a secure location, offering protection from natural disasters, as well as those dangers inherent with the online environment.

You can easily make use of ParaScale cloud storage. A single agreement and a fee-based usage setup is all that you need to start taking advantage of this unique storage solution. The software is innovative, easy to use and quite powerful, as well.

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Top Search Trends For Web Hosting In 2010

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Understanding the web hosting search trends

for 2010 is vital to your success. Without this knowledge, you could be left out in the cold. While you can certainly bet that many of 2009’s search trends will continue unabated, 2010 should hold a few surprises in store for you. What can you expect? What does Google say on the topic? Industry experts are predicting several major shifts, so you would do well to prepare for these.

Semantics Matter – In web hosting search trends for 2010

expect keywords to have a lower role. This does not mean that keyword optimization is no longer important, but there will be much more emphasis on semantics, morphology and the actual construction of the query, including synonyms. Therefore, if you want to capitalize on the changes in search functionality and remain in the top of the listings, it’s best to use plenty of on topic synonyms in your content.

Social Media – In other hosting search trends for 2010

social media like Twitter, Facebook and others that provide consumers with the means to be updated instantly, in real-time will become the major players in the new year. While no one is downplaying the success of Twitter and other social media in 2009, 2010 is set to be the Year of Social Media in many different ways, so being prepared now makes plenty of sense from a business perspective.

It’s in the Clouds – Search trends for 2010 will also focus more heavily on the “cloud.” This will include apps, as well as downloadable software and websites that allow consumers and businesses to connect to storage, applications, software and programs to use without having to bog down their hard drive. As the age of the netbook looms closer, expect cloud computing and cloud storage to become the norm for most consumers and even many businesses.

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Small Business Web Hosting Choices

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Business Web Hosting Services

Nobody wants to start a small business

and then have their website lost (that nightmare has happened). So what do you need to keep in mind when choosing a business web host to provide space on their server for your website?

The first little caveat is this: when it comes to quality web hosting you get what you pay for. If a web host offers its service for free, you might be crying in just a short amount of time. And you may need quality customer service when you have problems. Do you think you are going to get a lot of help if you’re not paying for it? It’s fine to have free hosting for your personal site, but for your business? Let’s be real.

When deciding on the right web hosting company for your needs, it’s important to consider the provider’s server downtime. When your site is down because of server maintenance, it will be an inconvenience, so you need to find out exactly how long they are down each month.

There are a lot of choices in hosting and a variety of types. Some of them have confusing names, like cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is gaining in popularity despite continuous security doubts. Cloud webhosting is cost effective, though, because you pay for your consumption rather than what you think you could need.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

allow everyone to get a mini-server on the mainframe. The big benefit to this type is that it is less expensive than a dedicated server, which is great for a tight budget, yet you get some of the benefits of a dedicated web hosting like root access control.

Dedicated hosting services

are the ultimate choice for bigger businesses with heavy traffic, but having your own server comes at a cost. You do have total control with this type and don’t have to share with anyone.

Shared web hosting service

has a low cost, but unfortunately for small businesses, this type does not correctly support secure sites.

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What is Cloud Hosting?

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Cloud hosting is popular right now

and is poised to grow in popularity in years to come. In a nutshell, cloud web hosting is the linking of servers through networks through which businesses store their information in the provider’s storage system. A “cloud” is formed by all the servers connected together. Though it saves money, the most consistently cited drawback with cloud hosting/computing is security.

The security threat

is that all your data is in your provider’s storage system and could get compromised by the provider. Companies like cloud hosting because they don’t have to purchase software licenses for each employee, but it’s unsettling to know that your private data is not so private with this method. Some people solve this problem by just storing certain kinds of information in the cloud, like any data that they aren’t so worried about getting in the wrong hands.

Some argue that the data might be safer in the cloud than on some easy to steal back-up disc. How well can you secure data that’s located in all different cubicles and offices? Cloud hosting solves that particular problem.

Companies are generally billed for cloud hosting services in a sort of pay as you go format, based upon actual consumption needs. It is a way to control costs for businesses with uncertain futures. No hardware or software is needed. However, unlike other server types, you will not have root access and control.

One advantage to cloud hosting is the fact that you can expand your website without any server limits to worry about. And people love not having to worry about their servers. You just whisk your data away and you don’t have to think about server issues.

In order to sleep better and not worry about your cloud getting attacked, you have to really hope your cloud provider has upgraded security and technology features that aren’t so easy to attack.

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