The Pros and Cons of Dedicated Hosting: Should You Pay More To Have It?

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When it comes to cheap web hosting

there are several options which you can use to save money and operate a website. The most affordable is through a free web host option. There are thousands of free web hosts online. However, if you want to setup something that has commercial viability, you’ll need a more dedicated solution. Shared server hosting is an affordable alternative. However, you may find that you outgrow shared hosting platforms. If so, you may wonder if dedicated hosting is right for you.

Dedicated hosting

means that your website is the only one hosted on a specific server. There are no other websites on the server; all of its resources are directed towards your use only. That means that your website will enjoy greater storage, greater bandwidth usage and speedier response times for your visitors.
Dedicated hosting is a good choice for a wide range of needs; however, it boils down to traffic flow. High traffic websites should consider using dedicated hosting in order to maximize their speed, security and ease of change (for the webmaster). What other benefits does dedicated web hosting provide? They include:

· Customized services
· On-site support
· On-site monitoring
· Enhanced uptime
· Increased site reliability through dedicated backups
· Increased number of email addresses

However, there are some drawbacks to using dedicated server hosting. Before you decide that you want a server of your very own, you’ll need to consider both sides of the argument. Drawbacks include:

· Increased hosting costs
· The need for a dedicated webmaster

While there are few drawbacks to using dedicated hosting, they can be significant, especially if you have a limited budget. Before you decide you want a dedicated server, ensure that you have the traffic flow necessary to make this a viable option. Without the right amount of incoming traffic (which equals sales and other forms of income), you can find that dedicated hosting quickly adds up to more than you can afford.

In short, dedicated web hosting

is an excellent, though expensive, choice. With the right web host, you gain many advantages over using a shared hosting platform, though you will have to pay for those benefits. The best way to ensure that you get the best deal (speaking monetarily), is to research all of your options. There are thousands of web hosts offering dedicated hosting, each offering a different price. Only through an in-depth comparison can you determine which offers the right benefits package and the right price.

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More Options Available With Dedicated Servers

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When searching for web hosting

it is important to consider how the use of dedicated servers offers many more options than the typically used shared hosting. The many benefits of dedicated servers can create a more flexible environment for the maintenance and operations of websites. This usually allows the selection of specific preferences to be setup by the client, and also allows the client to take full advantage of the offerings of providers.

Managed hosting is a great benefit

of dedicated hosting. Providers typically offer a wide variety of management options to ensure functionality. This often includes updates to operating systems, security systems and applications, as well as various monitoring, administration and data protection services. As management services differ for many different hosting providers, it is important to determine which of these services are available when deciding on a provider.

Dedicated web hosting

offer the client more choices for operating systems as well. Most people are more familiar with Microsoft operating systems, making them easier to use, but the Microsoft licensing fees may make the service more expensive. Linux operating systems require no such fees and so create less cost. Operating system management is offered at various levels, depending on the services of the provider. The flexibility of choosing an operating system, adds to the appeal of dedicated servers.

Dedicated server providers

offer supreme security control to ensure the protection of stored data. Security software for the different operating systems is available, managed and updated by the provider. Protection of stored data is rarely a worry with most providers.

The many options available for server management, operating system and security allow for the satisfying of many client needs. This can make dedicated servers much more attractive than shared hosting. Different providers offer various degrees of services in these areas, so it is important for clients to research what providers offer, but finding a hosting provider that excels in all areas of dedicated servers is easy in this competitive market.

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Better Support with Managed Hosting

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Businesses can take advantage of many benefits when making their products available on the Internet. Having a website vastly increases the customer base of the business and allows for customers to purchase goods and services any time of day. Most businesses don’t have the resources, or the need, to employee technicians for full-time monitoring and maintenance of a website, so managed hosting is a great way for businesses to keep their websites in good health.

Managed Web Hosting

provides a variety of support options for clients. Most hosting providers will offer a variety of packages offering differing levels of support. Many common features typically include support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A businesses website is open all the time, and so support should be prepared to deal with problems all the time, as well. This makes it much easier for clients to operate a web-based business by ensuring that the site is rarely unavailable to customers.

The support provided also may include keeping operating systems, software applications, and security measures current and in top working condition. This is important to maintain a professional image on the clients’ website. Security is vital for maintaining the integrity of the clients’ web-based business. Having the latest upgrades in operating systems and software applications keeps clients’ websites functioning smoothly. These things combined lead to a professional presentation of the web-based business, which leaves customers impressed.

Managed Server providers

are a great way for clients to expand their business to the Internet. All of these benefits can usually be found at a reasonable cost. Depending on the amount of support, and other client needs, the prices for services vary, but the many benefits of managed support and the potential sales revenue increases that web-based business can bring can quickly justify the low cost of using a managed hosting provider.

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Flexibility Provided with Dedicated Servers

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When searching for a web hosting provider

dedicated web hosting are an option that should receive much contemplation. Since the client gains sole access to the use of the server, many benefits are available that give dedicated servers a definite edge in determining the operating system, bandwidth availability and management properties of the service.

Having the ability to choose an operating system can make a big difference in deciding to use a dedicated server. Most providers will offer a Linux-based system as well as Microsoft. Linux, being an open-source operating system, is less expensive to the client. Microsoft requires licensing fees, which can increase the service rate of the server use. Both operating systems offer different advantages in the areas of security, applications, and familiarity of usage; however, both are widely accepted as prominent choices for operating systems.

With dedicated servers

more bandwidth is available than with a shared server. Web hosting providers have differing ways of calculating bandwidth rates, so it is important to understand the pricing method involved. Since it is easier for clients to receive a larger amount of bandwidth with dedicated servers, clients anticipating a lot of web traffic should consider a dedicated server for services.

Dedicated servers hosting

typically provide more management services as well. These can include operating system maintenance, system security, and system backup and restoration. The high level of management simplifies the degree of effort require by the client. Many factors may be involved in determining the amount of management needed. Computer skills, time allotments, and pricing are all determining factors that should be examined.

There are many web hosting providers

with differing options for these features. Pricing is usually based on the quality and quantity of the different offerings. Before deciding on a provider for dedicated servers, the types of services that are available should be researched, so that clients can ensure that they are receiving adequate services.

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Linux Hosting Sites You Should Try

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Let’s face it; you don’t have time to deal with making a website for your business. You have a web developer to do that for you, but you’re still in search of managed hosting. That’s ok, you’re not alone! A lot of people are choosing this type of hosting because it’s so much easier to manage.

If you’re in search of a host that can really take your business to the next level, try managed hosting showcase and you will find great sites that have so much to offer. All sites in the managed hosting directory offer lots of disk space, data transfer, free domain name, as well as a website building tools. All companies have wonderful customer service, as they are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on the phone, over email, or online over a live chat.

When you’re ready to pick a host, look for one who is offering you enough bandwidth, and a comparable price. You don’t want to pay too much for hosting that wasn’t worth what you paid. Use host-comparing websites to differentiate between different prices, bandwidths, disk space amounts, and other features. Also look at ratings and reviews because if someone really liked or didn’t like a host, they’re going to put it online for people to see.

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Windows Hosting Versus Linux Hosting

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Linux web hosting

is definitely one of the most popular options for web owners, whether they know it or not. Those who are buying into shared servers for small time sites may not even know if their service is Linux or Windows. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of hosting that owners of larger websites would do well to know.

The major advantage of windows web hosting

is that it works very well with Windows based software. In fact, if you’re using Windows based programs to set up your website, you’ll have a lot more luck with Windows based hosting. Unfortunately, this hosting service is more expensive than Linux, although there are still lots of affordable options available.

Linux hosting

on the other hand, is open source. Because of this, it is cheaper because there aren’t a lot of rights involved in the process of hosting on Linux. It’s the more popular option right now, too, because it has more security measures and fewer security issues. Also, Linux options tend to scale up better than Windows hosting, so you don’t have to change a whole lot as your website grows.

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What’s So Great About Dedicated Servers?

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If you started your own web business from scratch, chances are likely that you started off on a shared server. This type of server is rapidly evolving to be able to handle the load from all sorts of websites, even those that are drawing lots of traffic each day. If you’ve got an ecommerce site going on, though, you might need to move to a server of your own someday.

If you can’t afford the start up costs that come with buying and installing your own server machines, then you’re going to want to look into dedicated servers. With this type of service, you basically rent a server machine and have it all to yourself. You don’t have to worry about taking up too much space, and you can even have some level of control over the platform the server runs off of.

There are a couple of different types of servers that you can rent: managed web hosting and unmanaged. The managed sort comes with not only the server, but also a bunch of extra services. You’re basically renting a team, too, to work with the background aspects of your website on your server. With an unmanaged service, you’ll just get the hardware, Internet connection, and operating system, but you won’t get any help managing your server.

Either option can be good for an ecommerce business. The main advantage of dedicated servers is the level of control and security you have. As long as you’re working with a good hosting business, you should be able to rely on your server to remain functional most of the time. Plus, many dedicated server options come with extra back up and security services so that even if your server machine is damaged physically, your website information will be saved somewhere safe.

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What to Look for in Dedicated Servers

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If you’re going to launch an enormous website or are starting to get a lot of traffic on a site that’s already launched, dedicated servers are probably the best option for you. Unlike shared web hosting, you get to control the programming information for the server, and you get to have all the power of that server to yourself.

If you think you’re ready to move to a server that’s all your own, you’ve definitely got some decision making to do. With so many services out there, it can be tough to choose between server options. If you’re having a hard time deciding, here are some things to look for in your server service:

Price: Of course, it all comes back to overhead costs. How much is a server dedicated to your website going to cost? Right now, web hosting plans like this start out at about $100 a month, so they’re really pretty affordable for most online businesses.

Quality: Make sure the service has a good reputation as well as a good program before you move over to it. Check around to see what other businesses your size are using so that you get an idea of what different services are like.

Runtime Guarantees: Your dedicated servers should guarantee that you get 99% runtime each month. Many servers lay this out by saying that if your site is down for more than an hour a month, they’ll start refunding your money. However, if this is the case, you could end up losing a lot of money in web traffic, so what you really want is a server that isn’t going to go down on you.

Money Back Guarantee: This isn’t essential, but it’s nice to be able to try a hosting service knowing that you can get your money back if you don’t like it.

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Should You Use Managed or Unmanaged Hosting

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If you’re debating about getting a dedicated server for your growing website, you’re certainly not alone. Tons of website owners are in this boat, especially those with growing ecommerce websites. Before you choose a hosting service, though, you need to decide between managed hosting and unmanaged hosting.

The main difference between these two types of hosting is the time involved in making your website work. Money is, of course, another consideration. However, the old adage certainly holds true in the web business: time is money! If you’re concerned about saving time, then a managed service is definitely for you.

If you can find the right type of managed web hosting plan, then it will probably end up being more cost effective in the long run. Whether you’re a one-man operation or a large business, you would have to dedicate serious amounts of time to managing your own dedicated server. If you can’t afford to hire another employee to work on configuring, updating, and managing your server, then a managed server is probably a better option.

With managed web hosting

you can often end up paying less for the work than you would otherwise. The people who are going to manage your server machine through your hosting company are experts. They manage more than one server and can do it more quickly and efficiently than most people you’re going to be able to afford to hire. As long as you can find a service that has the right price and services, you’ll get something more cost effective in the long run.

Before you choose between a managed and unmanaged hosting solution, check out what each option costs and entails. Do some detailed research on the actual company you’re going to go through, too, so that you know you can rely on them either way.

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Managed Hosting Instead of More Website Staff

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Managed Hosting VS. Unmanaged Hosting

If you’re getting ready to switch your growing business or website over from a shared hosting to a dedicated server, you’re probably wondering if you should work with a managed web hosting or unmanaged hosting service. Either option can work for you, and there are some advantages to each.

The main advantage of unmanaged hosting is that it’s more affordable. If you already have employees who can handle the full-time maintenance of a website and server, then you’ll save by going with an unmanaged hosting type option. There are also partially managed options that might work well for you, depending on your needs.

A managed plan is obviously going to be more expensive, but you can also get more value for your money, too. If you don’t already have employees capable of running the back end of a website as well as all the other pieces, you won’t have to hire them with a fully managed option. Basically, the hosting service will take care of updates, system problems, and even backup of all your important files.

Of course, the hosting plan you decide to work with is going to depend largely on your particular needs. Talk with the IT professionals you already have on hand to see if they can handle the extra workload that a dedicated web hosting brings with it. If they can’t, you’re probably better off going with a good managed hosting service than you are hiring an entirely new employee or two.

Once you’ve decided to choose a managed option, you’ll need to research to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Prices can vary greatly, but it’s worth paying more for a service that is going to have your website remain fast and online almost all the time.

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