Small Businesses Can Find Big Returns with Cheap Web Hosting

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In today’s hectic world, people are becoming aware that the Internet is a valuable resource for convenience. After the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, most people will search for the simplest way to find products and services for their needs. Businesses around the world are taking advantage of this by moving their wares online. While larger corporations have utilized this strategy for many years, small businesses can also benefit from cheap web hosting.

A business with a web site offers service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While the doors to the physical store front may be locked every evening, commerce proceeds for all hours over the Internet. A company can increase sales revenue by taking advantage of the extended sales period that having a website can bring.

In addition to extending the time frame in which transactions take place, a website immensely increases the customer base of businesses. A local market quickly turns into a global market when a website provides a storefront for products and services. Of course the benefits of a larger market may not apply to all businesses, but innovative ideas can quickly create new products or services that could be made available across the globe.

The secret is out. People enjoy the convenience that the Internet brings. A lot of time and energy can be saved when a person uses the Internet to find the things that they need. Taking advantage of this growing trend is easy for small businesses through the use of discount web hosting. Many services are available for creating an online store front with numerous options and features. It is possible to find many quality services for a few dollars per month, making inxpensive web hosting a powerful tool in increasing sales revenue for small businesses.

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Domain & Hosting Offers in Today’s Online Web Business

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Looking to buy your domain and web hosting service?

There are hundreds of different web hosting companies, some have sterling reputations, and some are defunct because of their ineptness. What kinds of offers are out there right now and what are the gimmicks and catches? There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking to transfer your domain or start a new online business altogether.

First, an offer is only as good as its service. If you have to make changes to your service or add a user with account privileges, is it a simple process? And can they answer your questions accurately and with patience? Some online business owners regret buying into a web host’s plan after they realize that the tech assistance is non-existent or rude and condescending.

For example, some companies offer small businesses the chance to buy a domain name hosting for $10 a year for the first year. When buying a domain name, you want to consider what else you get. Sometimes domain forwarding will be offered, or domain locking. But if you get a full web hosting package, you can usually get a free domain name.

With different web hosting plans

you should be able to get free business email and site design tools that make it easy to build a full site. Some kits offer unlimited site storage and money-back guarantees. Around the clock customer service is a bonus if you’re working at 10 pm.

Secondly, when sifting through offers, find out how reliable and secure the service is. What kind of safeguards does the provider use?

Finally, what bonuses does the web host provider offer specifically for your needs? Do they have any special tools that can help ensure a lasting customer base? Web hosts often provide free of charge a list of marketing tricks and tips to help online business owners find success on the web.

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When is Free Web Hosting a Good Idea?

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When you need to host a website

you may gravitate immediately to the free web hosting since, well, it is free. However, free hosting is not always the way to go. If you are a business, then you could do damage to your professionalism by choosing a free host. However, there are times when a free web host can work perfectly well.

When is free web hosting alright?

If you are running a personal website, then a free host can work just fine. Since advertisements and domain names are not so important on a personal site, then you should be able to enjoy the benefits of running a website without paying any money.

When is a free web host a bad idea?

Anytime that you have a business website, then you need to steer clear of a free hosting. These no cost options will mean that you have to sacrifice certain things, which could be detrimental to your business site.

For example, free sites include advertisements, which can take away from your site’s content. In addition, sometimes the advertising will be things that you do not even wish to appear on your web page. However, since your website is free, you will have no control over the advertisements.

Second, free web hosts usually have a very limited amount of storage space and bandwidth. This could mean that you will run out of room very quickly. This can be a rather large problem if your business site includes a great deal of graphics or pictures.

Finally, you will not have your own personal domain name. Your free web site will be a part of your web host’s domain. This will not look very professional for your business and it will mean a very long name for your customers to type in.

As you can see, there are some situations when a free web host will work just fine. However, in many situations, you will be much better off if you pay for your website hosting.

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Web Hosting Terms to Know

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When you get ready to deal with a web host

you may hear technical terms that could be hard to understand. In order to make sure you are finding the very best host for your website, make sure that you understand all of the details. Here is information on some of the main terms that you will need to know. This way, you will be able to find a web host that will provide good service.


This is the amount of time that the web host can guarantee that your website is up and running. All web hosts will have a small amount of downtime since they will have to reset servers. A quality web host will offer approximately ninety-nine percent uptime.

Shared Server

Most of the time, this is the type of web hosting you will need. This means that your website is on a server that is shared by many other customers. The other option is a dedicated server, where your site is the only thing on a particular server. Dedicated web hosting options are much more expensive than the shared web hosting options.

Storage Space

You will be given a certain amount of space on your web host’s server. You will need this space since you will be actually uploading your site to their server. The key to remember is that, the more graphics and pictures you have on your site, the more storage space you will need.

Domain Name Hosting

This is the specific and unique name that points to your web site. In other words, this is your web address. There cannot be two domain names that are the same. Each name will be unique.

Internet Service Provider

Also referred to as an ISP, this is the company that provides you with Internet. What you must remember is that, if your ISP is not reliable, you will not be able to access your web host company and your web site. It is important to have a good ISP along with a good web host.

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A Quality Web Host with Outstanding Uptime Does Not Have to Be Costly

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When you decide to hire a professional web host

you will see many different promises, prices, and features. Many web hosts promise great uptime for their servers, and to newer clients, there appears to be little difference between 99.9% uptime and 99.99% uptime. The truth, however, is that the difference equals many hours that your website or server will not be operating if you choose a company offering 99.9%. When you choose a cheap web host, you will want the highest uptime percentage possible, and you might be surprised to learn that you do not have to pay a fortune to get it.

One of the most important things you can do when choosing a web host is to take the time to compare all of the features offered by multiple hosts. You should certainly compare server uptime, as this is one of the most important criteria for your business, but there are other things to examine as well. Comparing ram, hard drive capacity, bandwidth, and whether the server is private or shared can help you ensure that you get the best server possible. Figure out what you need for your business and find the host that best meets your goals.

A Web Host Company

that promises the most uptime will offer maintenance professionals that can work quickly to get your server back online before it creates a problem for your business. Look into each company carefully, and try to find web host reviews when possible. When you find a company that can offer and manage server while offering as close to 100% uptime as possible, you will find that you have made an excellent investment in your business. As more and more sales are made online, the importance of having a professionally hosted dedicated server increases every day.

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The Difference Between Domain and SubDomain Names

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One of the main differences between a free web hosting site

and a paid site is the domain. This can be very important if you are working on a company website. Free web hosts generally offer you a web address that is a subdomain as opposed to your very own domain name. Here, you will find information explaining the differences between the two and what those differences can mean for you.

First, let’s explore what each term means. A domain name is an address that stands all on its own. It does not depend on another domain as part of its address. If you choose to have a domain name for your business, it will look something like

With a subdomain

you are actually are using a web address that is a part of another domain. With a subdomain, you will have an address that includes both the name you choose and the name of your web host. An example of a subdomain address would be something like

What does all of this mean for you? If you are running a personal website, it may not mean very much. Most likely, you will be willing to sacrifice having your very own domain name in return for a totally free website.

If you are running a business website

professionalism is very important. In truth, a web address that includes a subdomain just does not look very professional. In addition, it will be much easier for customers to find you if they are able to just search for your domain name instead of having to type a long subdomain.

There is a use for subdomains on business websites, though. Subdomains also work as additional pages to a website. These subdomains will include a specific page name, along with your website name. Examples would include or

Both subdomains and domains

themselves are vital for any website. Knowing the difference between the two will help you make the right decisions for your own needs. If at all possible, it is best for businesses to avoid subdomain web addresses and should steer toward full domains.

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