FrontPage Hosting- Is It Right for My Site?

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When looking to create a new website

there are many programs and HTML editors to choose from. For just over a decade, MS FrontPage has been one of the leaders in web administration software. A simple what you see is what you get type of interface has made it easy for novices to create functional and attractive web pages that offer a great deal of features without requiring that the user understand or use the HTML programming language. While the program is no longer updated, with MS Expression Web left to fill the gap, FrontPage is still quite popular among novice web designers largely for its ease of use.

When determining if FrontPage is right for your site, there are many things to take into consideration. FrontPage offers a very easy to use and navigable interface that offers interactivity for both programmers and end users. It also supports ASP.Net frameworks, which can make sites even more accessible and interactive. Advanced features like Intellisense and the accessibility checker help to ensure that code is less repetitive and that it will function as intended when the site is live. Earlier versions of the program had a tendency to generate HTML that was only validated on Internet Explorer, but later releases of the program worked to correct this problem. Another common complaint with FrontPage is that generated codes are often redundant.

Essentially, whether your site is best equipped for FrontPage will depend largely on your programming skill level and your comfort with manual coding. If you are seeking a functional and easy to use FrontPage web hosting framework, FrontPage certainly offers a user friendly interface. If, however, you are seeking a program that allows you to write, alter, and generate advanced codes and perform high end tasks, you will likely want to consider newer and more technical software for creating your website.

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How to Choose FrontPage Web Hosting

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There are millions of websites

working on the Internet. Some are the results of professional web developers and some are the work of amateurs who enjoy experimenting with the languages and applications that make up the Internet. All pages must be hosted on a server using an operating platform that will make the pages readable by computers around the world.

Obviously, there are many operating platforms

applications and software all “talking” to one another, and they all need to be fairly compatible if a wide number of Internet visitors are going to be able to use them. Among the most common applications used to create web pages is FrontPage.

The software is creation

of the world-famous Microsoft Company and is used for website design and development by millions of people around the world. Like so many other Microsoft programs, FrontPage does not require specific skills, and is fairly easy to learn and use.

Interestingly, the software is also able

to easily integrate with many other applications which mean it can be utilized by advanced users to make very dynamic and interactive pages. This does create some demands when selecting a web hosting company however.

Any business, group, organization or individual

who has created their website using FrontPage and is looking for an appropriate web hosting service should understand what is needed to allow the site to operate most effectively. The first concern is around the operating platform on the server. Since the FrontPage program is a Microsoft product it may be a wise choice to work with a provider using Windows web hosting. While this is not an absolute necessity, it is a good way to avoid some problems that may develop due to incompatibility.

The second issue

is around “server extensions”. These are extremely mandatory files that all servers require, and which most web hosting companies make available. They allow a website author to make changes or updates, permit the site to communicate effectively and securely and maintain the overall functionability of the site by communicating with the FrontPage software. Without them even moving a single file on the server could cause a website to fail. It is important for a company or individual working in FrontPage to have access to these extensions.

Additionally, the many features of FrontPage

should function with the web hosting company’s server, meaning that the client should be able to use the search, mail, bulletin board, chat room, and counter features among many others.

You may find and compare side by side the leading FrontPage web hosting providers here

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Do Not Forget About FrontPage Web Hosting

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FrontPage hosting

usually refers to a web hosting provider that offers FrontPage extensions. This means that the web provider offers you either a dedicated server, shared web hosting or virtual private server, and then you can use your own copy of FrontPage to create your website. Following your completion of the site, you can upload your pages and files automatically through Microsoft’s FrontPage program. This eliminates the need for an FTP program or a “file manager”, which requires the uploading of every individual file.

FrontPage web hosting

is fairly common, as Microsoft FrontPage (also called Microsoft Office FrontPage) is a popular HTML editor created for novice and intermediate web designers. FrontPage is categorized as a WYSIWYG editor, meaning What You See Is What You Get. This type of web development program allows users to drag and drop pictures, type in text directly and essentially see the finished web page as they create it. Not only is FrontPage an editor, it is also a web site administration tool.

Though FrontPage may be known as a tool

for novice web designers it is actually able to support more complex applications and languages. The software has built-in features for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, an image editor, point-and-click functionality, integrated data display with Microsoft’s Access and Excel programs, ASP.NET compatibility, and Dreamweaver support.

Are there any disadvantages to using FrontPage?

Users have complained that the program occasionally generates non-validating HTML, incorrectly translates data from HTML to WYSIWYG mode and has problems with database interaction for very large websites. The program has been called “too basic” at times. Another potential issue that you should explore involves FrontPage extensions. Web servers must have these components installed in order for the program to be compatible. However, some web providers believe these extensions to be too risky to install because of various security issues.

The first release of FrontPage

was the Vermeer FrontPage 1.0, followed by updated versions in 1995 and 1997’s FrontPage Express. More versions followed in 1998 (including FrontPage for Macintosh), 1999 and 2001. The latest release of Microsoft Office FrontPage is for 2003 and is labeled as version 11. This release has not been included in any of the MS Office editions but has been sold as a separate product.

If you are thinking about using FrontPage hosting

for your website then you may be making the best decision, especially if you have limited knowledge of HTML.

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