What is Domain Registration?

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We are all familiar with modern computer

and Internet jargon, such as “visit our site at www…” which is usually the “address” to a business or informational website. The way a company, group or individual gets this Internet address is through domain registration.

What is domain registration?

Basically domain registration provides a user with the sole rights to use a specific web address which is also assigned to an individual IP address. This is a technical system used for directing traffic to the registered name holder.

How does someone register a domain name

? Not all names are going to be available. For example, if someone owns a website they may not be able to acquire the domain name they want because that may all ready be registered to someone else. They may need to seek out as many alternate spellings or word combinations as possible to fit the name of their business before locating a domain name that is available. Once they do this they will have to register and pay for the use of the name.

After registering their domain

a group, individual or business will then need to create a website to direct traffic to the registered domain. A majority of people and companies actually register their domain name through their web hosting provider. Most web hosting providers will roll all of the registration and web hosting fees into a single payment and then assist their clients in designing the best website possible.

What if I want to switch web hosting companies?

Just because the web host has helped the client to register the domain name it doesn’t mean the customer must stay with the host. Anyone who has registered a domain name for their own use has sole rights to the use of it and can take it with them anywhere they wish, but to maintain the registered domain they will usually need to pay an annual fee to the original hosting company.

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Dealing With Domain Names And Domain Registrants?

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How are you to understand domain registrants?

In computer networking, this refers to a collection of network devices that belong to a registered domain. The domain name is the unique name that quickly identifies an Internet site keeping the true numerical location hidden. Domain names have two or more parts separated by dots; first the official name and then the highest sub-domain. The domain name is not always the name of the organization. Sometimes companies will buy multiple domain names but keep their company’s content exactly the same. A domain name can identify one or more IP addresses. By definition, domain registrants are the individuals or companies that have registered a domain name with the Domain Name System (DNS). This system converts domain names to computer-readable IP addresses.

Domain names are used

in many contexts for different purposes. Obviously they add a more human element to business and personal communication. Most retail stores actually go out of their way to secure a simple and direct domain name that will immediately impress upon viewers what the website is about. They not only appear as components of web sites but also to identify e-mail addresses affiliated with a website.

In recent years, domain names

have become “products” in the eyes of many, since they are an important part of worldwide commerce. Domain name registrars sell domain names. A registrant is one that officially registers a domain name. However, one doesn’t buy a domain registration—he or she simply earns the right of exclusive use for a limited period of time. Once the domain has been assigned, the name becomes part of the pool of registered domain names. It will no longer be available. The term web address is slightly different from a domain name, though often used interchangeably. A web address is a full resource locator, whereas a domain name is merely the registered domain information.

New domains can be registered

with a minimum commitment of one year, and a maximum usually about 10 years. After time runs out these domain names (probably still attracting traffic) go on sale. The domain will either be returned to pool of available domains or will end up in the aftermarket. The aftermarket refers to “domaining”, which is the colloquial term used to describe the business of buying and selling Internet domain names for profit instead of development.

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