Making Sense of Reseller Private Label Hosting

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What is reseller hosting?

What does private label hosting have to offer you? How has this innovative offering changed the face of the hosting industry? Once upon a time, setting up a website was much like shopping at a bazaar. You had to go to one company for your hosting, another company for your domain name registration and yet another one for your other needs. Today, you can make use of private label hosting and avoid these problems.

In the beginning, reseller/private label hosting was not particularly well received by consumers and businesses in need of webhosting services. However, as these offerings have changed and grown, they have become much more valuable. Today, private label hosting is widely accepted for a number of reasons.

What is a reseller/private label host? In essence, this is nothing more than an individual or a business licensing space on the server of a top tier provider. They then subdivide this space and resell it to others, giving them the ability to make a profit, while the top tier provider earns money from the reseller. However, the reseller usually does much more than simply provide space on a server. Most often, they bundle server space with services, such as domain name registration, simple to use templates, web design services and more.

In addition, reseller/private label hosting companies also make it simpler for others to have their own website. Consider the fact that top tier providers charge considerable amounts for large chunks of space and bandwidth. However, most companies and individuals do not need this much. Therefore, the reseller will offer smaller “chunks” of the pie to each customer, granting them reduced prices for something that they actually do need. In all, this has become a win-win situation for both the web hosting resellers and for their customers.

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Web Hosting Affiliates Programs and Your Company

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Cheap Web Hosting Affiliates Programs

have become some of the hottest options on the market for numerous people. Those who want to earn a significant income working for themselves have discovered that these programs can propel them to tremendous success. However, web hosting affiliate programs are not only good ideas for workers and marketers, but are also powerful weapons in the arsenal of any business. What should you know about these programs? Do you need your own affiliate program?

You will find that affiliates programs run the gamut from booksellers to auction sites and everything in between. However, while there is a great diversity of these programs, they all have a few things in common. They all harness individual marketers for advertising, for one thing. They also reduce the costs of online marketing by an enormous amount. For instance, while you might expect to pay a considerable amount of money for a Flash animation to be developed and deployed, you will see very little return on that animation, as its exposure will be limited. With affiliate marketing, this is not an issue.

Web Hosting Affiliates Programs

give you the ability to diversify your marketing, expand your branding campaign and to do it all for a pittance. While advertising must be paid for upfront, affiliates only earn money when they produce results. Therefore, you only pay when your affiliate has brought in a customer to you. In addition, the affiliates are responsible for developing their own advertising information and platforms, reducing your costs even further.

Affiliates programs can be used to considerable extent by any company, including webhosting resellers. This ensures that you are able to increase your profitability and customer base, without incurring the extreme costs that are usually associated with marketing. There is simply no better way to maximize your budget.

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Should You Be a Reseller of Web Hosting?

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Hosting resellers

are quite popular these days. The stories are a good mix of unprecedented success and utter failure, leading many to question whether the investment is worthwhile. Ultimately, the premise of reselling web hosting is to take a web hosting account that was acquired for little cost, make small and inexpensive changes, and sell it for profit. In concept, the idea is remarkably successful, and when well executed, this can certainly translate into real life success as well. The key comes in knowing what to look out for as well as what changes to make.

If you are considering becoming a web hosting reseller

the changes you make will need to be significant without affecting your cash flow too much. This could come in the form of excellent customer service, upgraded software, or other management features. If you can take a low cost service, make it better, and still offer it at a highly affordable rate, then you have reached a recipe for success. With that said, however, there are still some downsides to the concept of reselling.

The biggest problem with reselling web hosting

is that you are bound to face limitations. Many resellers are faced with limitations on disk space and data transfers, which force them to limit customers in return. Many managed web hosting companies today offer unlimited resources, which cannot be found on most reseller accounts. The ease with which customers can receive unlimited hosting from purchasing their own accounts certainly provides a problem for resellers.

Ultimately, reselling web hosting

can be quite profitable if you know how to market yourself. These days the reseller truly is a small fish in a large pond, but marketing skill is certainly the key to success. If you can determine what the needs of your potential customers are, market your hosting services to them, and offer a feature that they need, you certainly have the necessary tools to become a successful reseller without getting caught in the traps of limited data and unsellable server space.

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For the Web Hosting Reseller: Rising to the Top

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You have all the key components

to be a competitive web hosting reseller: a great control panel with a full suite of scripts and software, a trustworthy uptime guarantee, a sufficient number of domains, and superior customer service and tech support. Now you must go forth and resell web hosting packages to your customers.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising

can be a powerful marketing tool, if you use the ads effectively to stand out from the teeming crowd. If you aren’t a copywriter, hire someone who knows how to get your ad noticed in 95 characters or less. Web hosting resellers seem all the same: How are you different?

Build powerful content

into your web hosting reseller pages by adding real testimonials from real people. Solicit all your customers for a 50-words-or-less honest opinion and many will respond. Incorporate an exit popup to ask potential customers why they left your site – some of them will tell you. Scatter all those testimonials throughout your website rather than clumping them all together on one page labeled “Testimonials.”

Make it super-easy for customers

to learn about you, not only your webhost reseller package, but you as a business. Make sure someone answers the phone every time it rings during business hours. Set up a quick autoresponder for your email system so it generates an acknowledgement to customer questions, even if it’s just “We received your message and will get right back to you.”

Stop talking about features

and start talking about benefits. They can’t be the same benefits as your competitor’s, either. If you don’t know the power of your web hosting package, your customers won’t know it either. If you can’t give an elevator speech about why you resell web hosting and why your service is unique, your customers will click away to the next guy’s web page.

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Discovering the Vital Differences between Reseller and Real Hosts

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If you have a website

you need web hosting service. Options abound throughout the Internet, and you’ve seen offers for both real hosts and reseller options including different perks and rates. It’s first and foremost important to understand the difference between the two.

Web Host Resellers

act like a middle man, purchasing web hosting services from a real host; then, for a small profit, the service is sold to the customer. There is nothing wrong with using a reseller, but there are some differences that may determine one will work better for your business than another.

If you have an extreme number of sites

or required server space to host your site, a real host will most likely work the best. They will handle your website hosting directly, versus handing you over to another party for any technical issues or questions. However, if all you require is personal hosting or very small site that doesn’t receive a lot of traffic, a reseller will most likely serve your purposes well. Now we’re faced with the next question: how do you know if your proposed service is real or a reseller?

You can always ask them outright

but they may not always answer directly. Of course, this is a pretty good indication of the correct answer to your question. You may also check the registry of the company’s domain name to check ownership – if the names match between the domain and the hosts, you’re probably doing business with real hosts.

High-traffic and technically advanced sites

will most likely require employing the services of real web hosts. Although web hosting resellers will have the option to host several sites and continually provide upgrades, too. So, if you’re just starting out and plan on growing, these questions are most likely of no consequence to you currently – either web hosting service will offer the service and reliability you require today.

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What is Reseller Hosting?

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Reseller hosting

refers to a form of web hosting in which the accountholder has the right to sell hard drive space and bandwidth to third party subscribers. The accountholder purchases the web hosting plan at wholesale price and then resells resources to his or her customers for profit. The reseller may choose to rent a dedicated server or may attempt to resell a shared hosting service program. When a web hosting reseller works with shared hosting technology, then he or she is simply selling the services of the company with permission.

The advantages to reselling web hosting

is that the user doesn’t have to know a lot about the technicalities of web site hosting. A data center operator hired by the company will be the one responsible maintaining the network, installing updates and security and overseeing the hardware. The reseller’s job is primarily to interface with his or her customers. If there are technical problems the reseller can simply forward the message to the server provider for assistance.

Are there any catches to web hosting reseller plans?

Not really. It’s just a matter of basic marketing know how, as new members will have to use extensive advertising in order to interest Internet surfers. Furthermore, although fees for resellers are generally low, users must make room for high advertising budgets as the competition for web hosting services will be fierce.

Web hosting resellers

are very often web design firms (since ideally a new Internet user will want website hosting and website creation from the same company) as well as individual web developers and systems integrators. For the best results look for a hosting provider that allows resellers to set their own pricing, create their own service plans and exercise control over other web features. For more information on web reselling opportunities look up web hosting services online.

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How to Resell Web Hosting

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Almost everyone has surfed the Internet

or World Wide Web, and when they do they usually visit a variety of websites. Some are businesses, some are strictly for information and some may be pages belonging to individuals or groups. Each and every one of these pages is on a “server” somewhere in the world. Interestingly, most people do not own their own servers but rent space from a company that maintains and administrates them. This can be done in several ways, and one of the most common is through a web hosting reseller.

A web host reseller

operates in several ways, and each is similar to subletting an apartment. Basically a web hosting reseller all ready has space from a major web hosting provider and then goes about renting portions or entire hard drives to third parties.

A brief explanation

on how to resell web hosting involves an understanding of how general web hosting works. A bank of servers is purchased by a web hosting company who advertises their available servers for rent, their customers can have an entire dedicated server for their use or they can make virtual private server or shared web hosting spaces available. A web hosting reseller will usually rent large amounts of this available space and then resell it to their clients.

Some arrangements

are made for hardware, software and connectivity maintenance with the actual server owners and the website hosting reseller provides all of the remaining customer service requirements.

In order to be a competitive web hosting reseller

however a vendor should aim to offer everything that a standard web hosting company also provides. For example, a customized control panel, guaranteed “uptime”, multiple domains, and round the clock technical support.

Learning how to resell web hosting

is quite simple, and is considered one of the easiest and quickest methods of starting a new, small business.

To find the most reputable, cheap and reliable providers see our web hosting resellers list

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Understanding How To Resell Web Hosting

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How are people resell web hosting?

Web Hosting Resellers is where the user has the right to host other websites as agreed upon by a third party. The user can allot hard drive space and bandwidth accordingly. The business model sees the reseller purchase the host’s services at a wholesale price and then sell the space to future customers. Technically speaking, the reseller will allocate a certain portion of the hard drive and bandwidth (already paid for) to one or more reseller accounts. The reseller can choose to rent a dedicated server from the host company or simply resell the shared hosting services. The difference is, in the second case, the company gives the reseller permission to sell hard disk space and bandwidth so that renting or buying a physical server is unnecessary.

Why would a person be interested

in this option? It’s a great way to start a new company, even if one doesn’t have a product or service ready to sell. In fact, reseller web hosting does not require any great knowledge or experience in web hosting, nor is technical prowess necessary to get started. Reseller web hosting plans will often let resellers create their own service plans and even private label hosting for their customers. Another quirk of the business is that resellers are usually encouraged to create their own branding.

What about the technical requirements?

As a reseller there is not much to worry about. A resell web hosting provider usually employs its own systems administrator and he or she maintains the network infrastructure and all related hardware. The only job you would have is if you were a dedicated server owner and it fell upon you to configure the server and install updates. The service provider handles most technical issues. That means you can focus on communicating with your customer base.

What should you look for

when searching for web hosting resellers? Most resell web hosting providers advertise their commission rate, reseller anonymity (so you’re not confused with the websites you help host) a 99.9% network uptime, fast technical support response, a reseller site that is ready to use and can be predefined or custom created, your own website, a flexible payment system, order forms and a registered domain name.

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