Dedicated versus Shared Servers

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Making the decision on whether your website should be hosted by a dedicated server or shared server depends upon the type of site you are setting up. If you have a small website that won’t require a lot of space or varied features, then you may want to consider a shared web hosting. If you are setting up a large website that will include high traffic or e-commerce, a dedicated web hosting will be best suited to your needs.

You will need to make a budget and take this into consideration as well. Shared hosting is available from as little as five dollars a month. The reason they are so cheap is that a shared server gives allotted amounts of space to multiple sites. Dedicated hosting will cost more, as they serve only website, but sometimes you can get a good deal on the price when you pay for a whole year in advance.

Whereas shared servers host a number of different sites, dedicated servers are used for your site and your site only. Dedicated servers are important for large websites, as they can accommodate high traffic and a stable website. If your site will be one where people buy and sell goods or services, a dedicated server is necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Maintenance is an important facet of web hosting. With a shared server, many sites must be maintained. Dedicated servers should have round the clock service to make sure your site is running correctly. Security is also tighter with a dedicated server. Sites on a shared server may be more susceptible to hackers.

Once you know your budget and storage needs, you will be able to tell quickly whether you need a shared or dedicated server. All you’ll have to do after this is pick a provider.

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When is it Time to Move to Dedicated Servers?

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Many businesses that start out on the web or start out complimenting brick-and-mortar services with an online component start their websites on shared servers. This is simply the most affordable option for most websites, and it is getting increasingly reliable and easy to use. As your website grows, though, you may need to think about moving to dedicated servers. These are basically servers that you rent in their entirety from the hosting service that you use. Here are a few indications that it might be time to move your business website to a dedicated server.

If your website is just running slow and experiencing lots of crashes and problems related to speed and reliability, it may be time to switch. When you’re sharing server space with other websites, your reliability and speed is going to go down. For small to midsized websites, this isn’t normally a problem. As your site starts to grow, though, you may find that you’re losing potential customers because of issues with reliability. A server of your own can help you work this out.

If you’re ready to hire your own full staff for dealing with the administrative piece of your website so that you can more easily manipulate it, then it could be time to move to a dedicated web hosting. This type of server will allow you to run whatever sort of platforms and software you want, and you’ll have complete control over it. You have to have the right kind of staff to use this kind of server, though.

Finally, if you start bringing in customized e-commerce and database applications, you may be forced to move to a dedicated web server. Shared servers simply can’t hold up to some customizations. Moving to a server that is all your own allows you to run all these applications however you prefer to do so.

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Using Linux Hosting When You Run on Windows

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Many people who are starting their own business or personal websites don’t realize that Linux web hosting can be used even for websites built on Windows platforms. If you only ever operate off of Windows, you can still use a Linux host, and it might actually be better for several reasons. Here are just a few reasons that many people prefer to use this type of host as compared with a more traditional Windows host.

For one thing, security on a Linux hosting service tends to be much, much better. This has a lot to do with the fact that Linux hasn’t been around as long. There are hundreds of thousands of viruses out there that have been designed for Windows, but Linux has fewer problems like this. Certain built-in pieces of a Linux operating system also make it more immune to viruses and other security threatening attacks.

Also, Linux is getting increasingly simpler to use. When it first came out, only the most knowledgeable computer nerds were able to use it. Now, though, this type of hosting service is very popular with average people. More people are using Linux platforms on their personal computers, and it’s getting increasingly simpler to deal with. As with personal computers, the applications run on a hosting service by Linux are also simpler to use than ever before.

If you’re working on a managed server or a shared server, then you should worry even less about Linux. You won’t be dealing with a lot of the background work, anyway, which means that you may not even know if your host is running on Linux. All that said, there are a few things Linux doesn’t do as well, such as running certain ASP and applications. Before you make the choice to go with this type of server, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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Find Your Best Hosting Company with a Top Web Hosting Companies List

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Finding the best web hosting company on the Internet

shouldn’t be hard. There are so many options that you should be able to get just exactly what you want without trying all that hard. Before you rush out and individually research every company you come across, though, consider using a top web hosting companies list to find the best host for your particular needs.

The first thing to do is to find a list that comes down from a reputable web hosting company. Obviously you can’t trust a list to have the top companies unless it’s based on good research. When you do find a reputable list, though, you won’t have to narrow down your search for a web host very much because you’ll be able to trust that you’re already looking at a list of the web’s top hosting companies.

As you sort through this list, there are lots of different things to consider. For one thing, many companies will be listed by price. It’s important to find affordable web hosting services, but cost isn’t necessarily the most important factor for this choice. Make sure that you compare the companies on the list for other qualities before choosing the one that’s best for you.

Often times, a top web hosting companies list will show an absolute top of the list company that comes highly recommended. For those looking for simple shared web hosting solutions, these might be the best options. Sometimes, though, a company that is lower on the list may have a service that you particularly need. When you’re looking at a list like this, do some of your own research on the top few companies so that you can find the one that has the services and products that meet your particular needs best.

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What are the Benefits of Dedicated Servers?

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When hunting for web hosting services

you might be faced with the option to choose a dedicated server or a shared web hosting server. What is the difference? Dedicated web hosting is the more expensive option, though it comes with several benefits.

For one thing, shared hosting services are not as reliable as dedicated servers

Problems such as overloading, bad code and bad scripts (from other users that are sharing the hard drive) are usually non-existent on a dedicated server. When you have a dedicated server you have full control over what programs are installed. A server is reserved for you and your company. When you choose shared hosting, you are using a system that is loaded down with multiple applications.

Dedicated servers also reduce your dependency on a webhost. You can provide fast support to your clients whenever necessary. This is not always possible on a shared server. Furthermore, graphic designers and web designers prefer dedicated servers because of the added control.

It is not always recommended that you purchase a dedicated server plan as soon as you start your business. Some entrepreneurs have successfully used a shared server host company effectively. However, as these websites grow in popularity, you may feel the need to upgrade to a more reliable system.

For example, you may notice that some of your web visitors are leaving prematurely because of long loading times. You may also notice that your shared server has problems with maintaining uptime. These are reasons why you might want to switch to a dedicated server.

When you decide it’s time to get serious about online presence, then start thinking about dedicated server hosting. How much can you expect to pay for this enhanced web hosting plan? Prices range anywhere from $80 to $200 per month. Never underestimate the importance of 99% reliable web presence!

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Do You Need Cheap Dedicated Sever Hosting?

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Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

can be an incredible boon for your business. However, is it the right choice for your needs? Do you need dedicated hosting, or can you make do with a shared web hosting? What are the differences? What happens if you make the wrong choice?

First, cheap dedicated server hosting

gives you access to an entire server. Alternatively, shared hosting means that your website will be housed on a shared server, on which you will have to share all the resources with those other sites. This includes storage space, RAM, processing power and bandwidth. With a dedicated server, all of those resources are 100% at your disposal. So far, it sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Actually, cheap dedicated hosting

is something of a new thing. In the past, dedicated hosting was incredibly expensive. This forced small businesses and entrepreneurs to turn to shared hosting in order to have their website up and running, but at a price they could afford. Cheap dedicated servers is a great option, as it offers all the benefits of the past’s most expensive choices, at a budget comparable to cheap shared hosting. However, you must make sure that you check out your host before you make a decision.

Why should you get any option for cheap dedicated server host?

Some unethical webhosts claim to offer dedicated hosting plans, but it is actually just hosting on a virtual server – this is a means by which you can make one server act like several. While affordable, it is not actually dedicated hosting plan. You need to ensure that the host you choose actually offers you real best dedicated hosting on your own server in order to avoid the pitfalls that can beset those who are unwary enough to choose subpar providers.

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Do I Need A Dedicated Hosting Plan or Will A Shared Hosting Plan Work for Me?

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Choosing Shared Web Hosting or Dedicated Web Hosting

can be one of the first major dilemmas that you encounter when designing a website. Both offer a number of benefits and can be right for a certain site or situation. Knowing which web hosting plan is right for you takes a bit of research as well as an understanding of your site’s intent and projected traffic.

Shared hosting

offers a number of benefits for certain users. The prices can be remarkably lower than dedicated hosts and can even be free if your site is ad supported. This is ideal for informational websites and for those not dedicated to ecommerce. Small scale stores that take in only small amounts of revenue can also be easily hosted on a shared server.

Dedicated servers

are ideal for large scale sites or those that see a significant amount of traffic. A dedicated server does not have to share space with any other websites, meaning that user requests for information and pages will not be queued against other sites sharing the same IP address. A dedicated web server also faces less risk of crash or loss of uptime and will generally offer faster responses to your viewers or customers. Choosing dedicated web hosting also eliminates the risk that your site will be flagged by search engines based on illegal search optimization tactics or spamming from other sites that share your IP address.

In the long run, dedicated hosting plans

are certainly the best bet for businesses and sites that see a great deal of traffic, but shared web hosting plans certainly have a place in the market. If you own a small website or a personal site, shared hosting can be a much better investment. As with any major purchase, consider all of your needs and options carefully and make sure that you are choosing the hosting plan that is best for you and your site.

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Small Business Web Hosting Choices

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Business Web Hosting Services

Nobody wants to start a small business

and then have their website lost (that nightmare has happened). So what do you need to keep in mind when choosing a business web host to provide space on their server for your website?

The first little caveat is this: when it comes to quality web hosting you get what you pay for. If a web host offers its service for free, you might be crying in just a short amount of time. And you may need quality customer service when you have problems. Do you think you are going to get a lot of help if you’re not paying for it? It’s fine to have free hosting for your personal site, but for your business? Let’s be real.

When deciding on the right web hosting company for your needs, it’s important to consider the provider’s server downtime. When your site is down because of server maintenance, it will be an inconvenience, so you need to find out exactly how long they are down each month.

There are a lot of choices in hosting and a variety of types. Some of them have confusing names, like cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is gaining in popularity despite continuous security doubts. Cloud webhosting is cost effective, though, because you pay for your consumption rather than what you think you could need.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

allow everyone to get a mini-server on the mainframe. The big benefit to this type is that it is less expensive than a dedicated server, which is great for a tight budget, yet you get some of the benefits of a dedicated web hosting like root access control.

Dedicated hosting services

are the ultimate choice for bigger businesses with heavy traffic, but having your own server comes at a cost. You do have total control with this type and don’t have to share with anyone.

Shared web hosting service

has a low cost, but unfortunately for small businesses, this type does not correctly support secure sites.

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Dedicated Hosting: What are the Benefits?

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How do you know if you should go for a dedicated hosting service?

If you have very busy sites, you have to have one. Also, a dedicated web hosting service may actually give you a better return for your money in the long run. It can handle all the traffic you may eventually get hit with and it can be the best deal if you have multiple websites. And if you have multiple stores or businesses in different locations, you can set up a domain specifically for each one.

Now there is something called “semi-dedicated” hosting, which has features of both shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. You still share resources with others, but you may be able to have bigger websites too.

With dedicated server

you really get more control and all the bandwidth you need. It is important to have a dedicated web server if you get daily website traffic that starts going over 10,000 visitors. Pat yourself on the back – you know you are a real success when you’ve got that kind of traffic and when you need a server all to yourself!

The Internet is the most successful medium ever on this planet, and there is political pressure to keep it open and free. All signs are indicating that it will not change and it will be kept entirely accessible, so in the near future, the Internet will only get more important for business. With dedicated servers, you won’t have to worry about sluggish websites from heavy traffic. A slow site is a great way to scare off clients or customers – it’s just not professional.

Keep in mind that there are still some restrictions with your own server. Providers are usually going to prohibit pornography because of the tricky legal issues that can ensue.

There may be more restrictions depending on the provider. Some don’t allow bots because they can have a detrimental effect on the provider’s service.

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Why You Need a Dedicated Server

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Dedicated servers

can be quite expensive when you choose a web host. For many, a dedicated server may be a cost that they do not need to worry with. However, if you run a business, there are several reasons why the server choice can be important, if not vital. If you are trying to make the decision whether or not to make the step to a dedicated web hosting, consider the information below.

What is a dedicated hosting?

When you choose a web host, the company has servers upon which your website and information is stored. While your information should be safe and separate, what you have to remember is that your web information is stored on servers with other customer’s websites. This is the most common way to host a website.

With a dedicated server

your website is the only one that will be stored on one specific server. This way, the information is kept completely separate. Since the web host has to provide a single server for your site, then the cost can be quite high.

Why would I choose a dedicated server?

While shared servers are relatively safe, there is a chance that information can accidentally get shared. This is probably a chance that is not a big deal if you are running a personal website; it can be a huge deal if you run a business site.

You do not want your business information accidentally shared, especially if you sell items online. There is the potential that customers’ personal information could be shared accidentally, this could include credit card numbers. You could be compromising your customers, which is extremely unprofessional.

By choosing a dedicated web hosting

your information will be contained all by itself, away from other website and other content. This way, you will know that all of your information is safe. When you run a business site, it is vital to provide that type of security.

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