How Important Is Dedicated Server To Your Business Today?

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To host a web business, you’re likely own your dedicated server, because this could be one of the most crucial parts of your business. While a successful business model and a viable product are certainly your most important assets, without a server even the best website is not what it should be. In fact, you need your site to run around the clock with no or minimal downtime. If you are operating a successful business or are looking to launch an online business, a dedicated web hosting may be your best option.

Not all web hosts created equal.

Many web hosting companies offer shared web hosting. While this does save money, it also greatly limits your options in terms of hard drive space, operating system, and security. A shared server allows multiple businesses to operate on the same server, reducing both your bandwidth and your functionality. A dedicated server allows you to choose every aspect of your web server, from your processor speed, ram, and hard drive space to the operating system and security protocols that will be in place.

The benefits on dedicated web hosting.

One of the major benefits to using a managed dedicated server hosting is that your server will be stored and hosted remotely; allowing professionals to always be on hand to make repairs and get you back online in the event of a server problem. Taking the time to find a dedicated server that offers very low downtime can help ensure that your site is always running smoothly. Your server will be responsible for all sales and data transmission, and you will want to ensure that it can handle all of the traffic and business that will come in. Sharing a server might be okay for a personal site, but even a small businesses and especially those who are handling large amounts of data and private information would have to own a server to successful in any business today. For a list of Guaranteed dedicated web host providers, please visit our Dedicated Web Hosting showcase.

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Finding The Right Dedicated Hosting Service For Your Website

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Your company is growing. In fact, it’s growing so much that you’re in the process of developing a new and exciting website for it. However, this website is going to be much larger than your old one, and you might need to think about looking into dedicated servers. This way you can have your own hardware, your own operating system, your own internet connection. What dedicated hosting business should you go through to purchase your server?

There are a ton of great hosting services out there but they won’t always give you the most bang for your buck. You can check Dedicated Servers showcase to find the best sites for your money. Some hosting companies offer three thousand gigabytes of bandwidth, and five IP addresses. They’re also a little more inexpensive than some other sites at just under one hundred dollars per month.

Are you still searching for that perfect dedicated host

Try Host Depot. Host Depot is a solid 11 year old company which offers a lot of great features.

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Data Centers and What They Mean to Your Hosting Account

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Web Hosting Data Centers

provide security for all types of information. This applies to your website, just as it does to your business records and all other information that you need to store. However, your information must be protected at all costs. While this once meant having to store all of that data on your own server, or on the server of your web host, more and more companies are offering secure data centers in conjunction with their web hosting plans.

Why do you need to worry if your web hosting provider has a data centers?

What do they do for you? First, they offer tremendous benefits for those with growing information storage needs. If your dedicated server is simply too small, and you’re contemplating an expansion, a data center can save you a lot of cash and help you provide secure storage for any information that you might need to safeguard.

Of course, data centers also offer benefits to other people. Data centers are playing an increasing role in the world of managed hosting. While some businesses still prefer to have their website hosted in-house, this is becoming a rarity. More and more people are finding that renting space through data centers is not only more affordable, but also more secure than what they can accomplish on their own.

This has increased the demand for data centers and in response, an incredible number have sprung up around the world. These locations offer a secure electronic environment for your data, but most also provide protection from physical damage, by placing the data center within a secure location, much like a bank vault. This ensures that natural disasters such as floods, fires and earthquakes do not damage client information and that everything remains safe and secure at all times. Having a data center in conjunction with managed web hosting is a hedge against uncertainty.

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Questions To Ask Your Web Host Provider

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So, you have a website

and it’s time to go live. You need a web host for your site, but are unsure what qualities determine the right choice. If you have never hosted a website before (or even if you’re a veteran), this can be a problematic situation. Here are a few questions that you will need to ask you web host, as well as what you need to see in terms of answers from them. Using these tools will help you find the best host for your needs.
· Can I transfer my domain at any time?

Answer: Yes, you can transfer your domain at any time. You own the domain name, and can make that decision independently. In addition, there should be no cost (from your old host) when transferring domains. If the host wants you to sign a contract for service, look elsewhere.

· Why choose to pay for a web host, rather than use a free service?

Answer: Paid-for web hosting is more beneficial for those in need of an e-commerce friendly solution. Free web hosting has dramatic drawbacks, in terms of storage and bandwidth usage. Paying for web hosting allows you to have much more space, a more reliable website and the bandwidth that you need in order to serve your customers and visitors.

· Do you provide a money-back guarantee? What if I’m dissatisfied with the hosting?

Answer: Quality web hosts will provide you with a money-back guarantee to ensure that you are happy with their service. Never choose a host that does not offer a guarantee; these hosts (while less expensive) will cost you much more in the end. These guarantees are usually in the form of a 30-day money-back guarantee, though you will find some that offer an anytime guarantee.

· Do I own my domain name when I register with you?

Answer: Yes, you own your domain. If you register your domain name through your web host (as opposed to transferring an existing domain name), your web host must register that domain in your name and your name alone. If a hosting company does not tell you this, it’s time to go elsewhere.

· Do you offer an e-commerce solution and tools such as a shopping cart feature and encrypted checkout?

Answer: Yes, those are standard options with any website package. In addition, we provide statistics tracking and other valuable services that allow you to maximize your website’s potential.

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How to Secure your Dedicated Server

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What steps can you take to secure your business?

There’s no question that security is a major issue today as email viruses have become a threat as common as the flu. Viruses may be designed to crash your server or perhaps steal a company’s financial information. Not only do you have to worry about viruses and spyware from your own hacker countrymen, but nowadays businesses also face virus threats from overseas countries. Here are a few steps you can take to secure your server.

1. Firewalls

Servers must be hid behind a firewall. This device (via hardware of software) can prevent unidentified Internet traffic from gaining access to your server. A firewall allows Internet data to reach certain ports but blocks this data from reaching more sensitive information.

2. Network Address Translation

This device is similar to a firewall (and may be built into your router) and connects directly to your Internet. This device is in charge of redirecting traffic from a public IP address to a specific server somewhere on your network.

3. The Server Operating System

Knowing your operating system will also be important in securing your system. You can secure your operating systems by managing file level permissions and passwords. This step also requires that you download security updates from your manufacturer.

4. Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software is designed to protect your system from malware, email spam, macro viruses and various other threats. The best thing about the software is that it automatically updates every few days so that it can protect your system against new threats. However, you need to make sure that your virus software is for servers and not just for a regular desktop PC.

Other items of interest for a fully protected system include scripting security issues (programming scripts safely) as well intrusion detection and Secure Socket Layer protocol. For more information on improving the safety of your server and to compare web hosting options visit

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Benefits of Free Software Provided by Web Hosts

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Paid web hosting providers

are competing against free services so naturally they are going to offer you more options when it comes to web hosting. One of the best advantages of paid website hosting is the free software and free installation that comes with your package. Some of these software packages include website builders, email hosting, programming scripts, project management programs, marketing applications, merchant services, inventory management and payroll software.

According to some web hosting plans

the maintenance of the hosted software may be the responsibility of the service provider. That means you can focus on marketing and strategy while a server operator manages your application and hard components, handles data back up and disaster recovery plans, as well as any other networking problems. Operators would also be responsible for updating software for enhanced security and improved functionality. The primary advantage is that all of this managed software can save you time and money that you would ordinarily spend on maintenance or tech support.

Some of the software you might be interested in will include:

WordPress: An open source blog publishing application. (The latest version was released in February 2009)

Joomla: An open source content management system that lets you publish content on the web as well as intranets. Joomla also gives you plenty of options in the way of RSS feeds, news, blogs, polls, web searching and languages.

Drupal: An open source content management system that gives the user many options in the way of web programming and web administration.

Free web hosting

may be easy on your wallet, but any such service is limited in what options it opens to you. A paid web hosting service gives you as many options as you can use, including free software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more applications. For more information on free software available with paid hosting look up premium hosting packages online.

If you’re looking for a web hosting service, be sure to Compare Web Hosting options

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