Looking to buy your domain and web hosting service?

There are hundreds of different web hosting companies, some have sterling reputations, and some are defunct because of their ineptness. What kinds of offers are out there right now and what are the gimmicks and catches? There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking to transfer your domain or start a new online business altogether.

First, an offer is only as good as its service. If you have to make changes to your service or add a user with account privileges, is it a simple process? And can they answer your questions accurately and with patience? Some online business owners regret buying into a web host’s plan after they realize that the tech assistance is non-existent or rude and condescending.

For example, some companies offer small businesses the chance to buy a domain name hosting for $10 a year for the first year. When buying a domain name, you want to consider what else you get. Sometimes domain forwarding will be offered, or domain locking. But if you get a full web hosting package, you can usually get a free domain name.

With different web hosting plans

you should be able to get free business email and site design tools that make it easy to build a full site. Some kits offer unlimited site storage and money-back guarantees. Around the clock customer service is a bonus if you’re working at 10 pm.

Secondly, when sifting through offers, find out how reliable and secure the service is. What kind of safeguards does the provider use?

Finally, what bonuses does the web host provider offer specifically for your needs? Do they have any special tools that can help ensure a lasting customer base? Web hosts often provide free of charge a list of marketing tricks and tips to help online business owners find success on the web.