If you’re getting ready to start you own website or online business, you definitely need to start by finding cheap web hosting. Luckily, the Internet abounds in different web hosting companies that offer budget options these days. If you’re looking around for web hosting that you can afford, there are certain features you need to look for in your host.

One feature of hosting that you need to check out is bandwidth. This is basically how quickly your website will be able to transmit information on this particular hosting service. The higher the bandwidth, the more quickly your information will be transmitted. This is good for your traffic because it ensures that your online guests will be able to see your site in a split second, just like they expect.

Security is also an important feature of cheap web hosting that you need to check out. Look carefully at what types of security measures the host has in place to protect the information on your website. In general, Linux hosts are more secure than Windows hosts, but this isn’t the cast 100% of the time.

Many web hosting companies

will offer reliability guarantees, and these are great to have if you’re going to have your website up with them. These basically guarantee that your website will be online almost all the time. Many companies will refund your money if your site goes down for more than an hour a month. This is important because it ensures that your website will be accessible. Being inaccessible for even a few hours a month can lose you major traffic and, therefore, major money. A reliability guarantee is a good way to make sure your site is going to work well all the time.