You are a small business owner, and you have a lot on your plate. You are managing a business, all of your employees, not to mention your life outside of work. You’ve been so busy that you had completely forgotten that you needed to make a website. That’s okay! You can make a high-quality website with Windows hosting that will take your business to the next level.

Why choose Windows web hosting?

There are several advantages that Windows offers over Linux web hosting. First is the .Net framework. If you design a site (or if you have a designer that designs a site) on visual basic or .Net, then that site will only work with Windows. This is an important consideration to make and your designer will let you know what mark-up language he or she decides to use when it comes time for you to purchase web hosting.

Now, if you’ve designed your own site using FrontPage, then you’ll need to be able to allow FrontPage extensions to work on your hosting. Again, this option is only available with Windows hosting. If you don’t use Windows hosting, then certain functions of your site won’t be able to work, such as forms or forums.

The Windows operating system is also easier to use. Most computer users have “grown up” with Windows so to speak and the Windows based server feels familiar.

Finally, Windows hosting is simply compatible with a variety of other databases and it’s just easier to develop sites for these servers.

For the new website owner and developer, it just makes sense to go with a hosting service that is more compatible and familiar to work with.