To host a web business, you’re likely own your dedicated server, because this could be one of the most crucial parts of your business. While a successful business model and a viable product are certainly your most important assets, without a server even the best website is not what it should be. In fact, you need your site to run around the clock with no or minimal downtime. If you are operating a successful business or are looking to launch an online business, a dedicated web hosting may be your best option.

Not all web hosts created equal.

Many web hosting companies offer shared web hosting. While this does save money, it also greatly limits your options in terms of hard drive space, operating system, and security. A shared server allows multiple businesses to operate on the same server, reducing both your bandwidth and your functionality. A dedicated server allows you to choose every aspect of your web server, from your processor speed, ram, and hard drive space to the operating system and security protocols that will be in place.

The benefits on dedicated web hosting.

One of the major benefits to using a managed dedicated server hosting is that your server will be stored and hosted remotely; allowing professionals to always be on hand to make repairs and get you back online in the event of a server problem. Taking the time to find a dedicated server that offers very low downtime can help ensure that your site is always running smoothly. Your server will be responsible for all sales and data transmission, and you will want to ensure that it can handle all of the traffic and business that will come in. Sharing a server might be okay for a personal site, but even a small businesses and especially those who are handling large amounts of data and private information would have to own a server to successful in any business today. For a list of Guaranteed dedicated web host providers, please visit our Dedicated Web Hosting showcase.