Businesses that are ready to make the jump to a web-based environment, or those just looking to retool, may consider utilizing the many benefits of Linux hosting. This operating system has been touted by leading computer experts as the best platform around. Many consider it to be far superior to the more commonly used Windows operating system. It has many advantages when chosen as an operating system for a server.

One of the most common topics of discussion when comparing Linux hosting to Windows is computer viruses. Linux is considered to be safer than Windows when it comes to Internet security. Computer viruses are usually designed to target Windows, since it is used much more than Linux, but it is often overlooked that Linux is designed to prevent system wide damage from exposure to malicious programs. It is also easier to prevent and repair damage form viruses using Linux.

Linux hosting provides

many options for clients as well. As an open-sourced operating system, it is easier for many people to make improvements on the already existing system. Throughout the years, many people have created new and better components for Linux, and software packages that are available for use with this platform.

Linux web hosting

also provides cost savings. As an open-sourced program, it is free. Microsoft charges a licensing fee for using Windows, and this often increases the service charge for using it. The lower costs of Linux dose not imply any inferiority to the functionality of the platform. The philosophical nature of its design was intended to offer a strong operating system to users for free.

Linux web hosts

many benefits to clients. Saving money, added security, and the open-source nature of this operating system are just a few of the many characteristics that make this a great platform. It is also these characteristics that are creating an increase in usage of Linux worldwide.