Managed Hosting VS. Unmanaged Hosting

If you’re getting ready to switch your growing business or website over from a shared hosting to a dedicated server, you’re probably wondering if you should work with a managed web hosting or unmanaged hosting service. Either option can work for you, and there are some advantages to each.

The main advantage of unmanaged hosting is that it’s more affordable. If you already have employees who can handle the full-time maintenance of a website and server, then you’ll save by going with an unmanaged hosting type option. There are also partially managed options that might work well for you, depending on your needs.

A managed plan is obviously going to be more expensive, but you can also get more value for your money, too. If you don’t already have employees capable of running the back end of a website as well as all the other pieces, you won’t have to hire them with a fully managed option. Basically, the hosting service will take care of updates, system problems, and even backup of all your important files.

Of course, the hosting plan you decide to work with is going to depend largely on your particular needs. Talk with the IT professionals you already have on hand to see if they can handle the extra workload that a dedicated web hosting brings with it. If they can’t, you’re probably better off going with a good managed hosting service than you are hiring an entirely new employee or two.

Once you’ve decided to choose a managed option, you’ll need to research to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Prices can vary greatly, but it’s worth paying more for a service that is going to have your website remain fast and online almost all the time.