So, you have a website

and it’s time to go live. You need a web host for your site, but are unsure what qualities determine the right choice. If you have never hosted a website before (or even if you’re a veteran), this can be a problematic situation. Here are a few questions that you will need to ask you web host, as well as what you need to see in terms of answers from them. Using these tools will help you find the best host for your needs.
· Can I transfer my domain at any time?

Answer: Yes, you can transfer your domain at any time. You own the domain name, and can make that decision independently. In addition, there should be no cost (from your old host) when transferring domains. If the host wants you to sign a contract for service, look elsewhere.

· Why choose to pay for a web host, rather than use a free service?

Answer: Paid-for web hosting is more beneficial for those in need of an e-commerce friendly solution. Free web hosting has dramatic drawbacks, in terms of storage and bandwidth usage. Paying for web hosting allows you to have much more space, a more reliable website and the bandwidth that you need in order to serve your customers and visitors.

· Do you provide a money-back guarantee? What if I’m dissatisfied with the hosting?

Answer: Quality web hosts will provide you with a money-back guarantee to ensure that you are happy with their service. Never choose a host that does not offer a guarantee; these hosts (while less expensive) will cost you much more in the end. These guarantees are usually in the form of a 30-day money-back guarantee, though you will find some that offer an anytime guarantee.

· Do I own my domain name when I register with you?

Answer: Yes, you own your domain. If you register your domain name through your web host (as opposed to transferring an existing domain name), your web host must register that domain in your name and your name alone. If a hosting company does not tell you this, it’s time to go elsewhere.

· Do you offer an e-commerce solution and tools such as a shopping cart feature and encrypted checkout?

Answer: Yes, those are standard options with any website package. In addition, we provide statistics tracking and other valuable services that allow you to maximize your website’s potential.