If you’re debating about getting a dedicated server for your growing website, you’re certainly not alone. Tons of website owners are in this boat, especially those with growing ecommerce websites. Before you choose a hosting service, though, you need to decide between managed hosting and unmanaged hosting.

The main difference between these two types of hosting is the time involved in making your website work. Money is, of course, another consideration. However, the old adage certainly holds true in the web business: time is money! If you’re concerned about saving time, then a managed service is definitely for you.

If you can find the right type of managed web hosting plan, then it will probably end up being more cost effective in the long run. Whether you’re a one-man operation or a large business, you would have to dedicate serious amounts of time to managing your own dedicated server. If you can’t afford to hire another employee to work on configuring, updating, and managing your server, then a managed server is probably a better option.

With managed web hosting

you can often end up paying less for the work than you would otherwise. The people who are going to manage your server machine through your hosting company are experts. They manage more than one server and can do it more quickly and efficiently than most people you’re going to be able to afford to hire. As long as you can find a service that has the right price and services, you’ll get something more cost effective in the long run.

Before you choose between a managed and unmanaged hosting solution, check out what each option costs and entails. Do some detailed research on the actual company you’re going to go through, too, so that you know you can rely on them either way.