You and your website developer are working together to build a new, more modern website for your company. You’ve heard that Windows hosting is great because the finished websites end up being easier for customers to use and you can also do a lot of interactive stuff with them. There’s just one problem. Who do you get to do the windows web hosting?

There are several different companies out there who can turn your website into something that you can be proud of. Many sites offer hosting for as low as four dollars and fifty cents a month, which is a great deal. With them you have may free domain registration, and they boast a ninety-nine percent up-time! Their customer service representatives are available all the time, and you can even receive thirty percent off of their services if you consider using them today.

Other hosting companies

offer their services for just under five dollars a month. They also offer free months when you sign up for an annual plan. With just the basic plan, you can have free set-up and fifty gigabytes of monthly bandwidth.

Many hosting companies not only feature Windows, but Linux web hosting as well. For slightly below five dollars per month, some companies will give you two-hundred gigabytes of storage, and hosted domain names. Set-up is free, and you’ll be able to blog, upload photos, and you get a three gigabyte email inbox.

As you can see, Windows hosting can be purchased from a number of different web hosting companies and they all have their own perks and benefits. You just have to choose a company that is right for you and will meet the needs of your business.