If you are new to the web-based business, you probably don’t know very much about web hosting. You will need to make a few decisions based on your needs and budget. One of these decisions is whether to go with a Windows or Linux server. The most popular type of web hosting is Windows web hosting. It is a widely used program that is typically easy to operate and globally known and user-friendly. Windows hosting also offers the most features for your website.

There are several features developed by Microsoft that can only be operated by a Windows hosting plan. For example, if you need to operate FrontPage, Windows Streaming Media, Access, .NET, and Java, you will need to choose Windows hosting. Most other open source products can also run effectively on Windows.

Windows has become so popular that most applications and technologies are being developed with compatibility options for this system. Windows hosting has been thought of as more expensive than Linux hosting, but you can actually find plans for less than ten dollars a month on a shared server. If you want a dedicated server that is used for your site only, you will be spending a good deal more.

Another big advantage to using Windows host is that it supports ASP, or Active Server Pages, which enables the user to develop eye-catching interactive pages in order to increase traffic to their site. If ASP hosting is what you need, then you will need to get Windows 2000 web hosting.

Most programmers think that Windows 2003 is the best Microsoft web hosting program so far. It is more secure than other systems and has more modern tools and features to keep your website looking and operating at its best.