Linux web hosting

is definitely one of the most popular options for web owners, whether they know it or not. Those who are buying into shared servers for small time sites may not even know if their service is Linux or Windows. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of hosting that owners of larger websites would do well to know.

The major advantage of windows web hosting

is that it works very well with Windows based software. In fact, if you’re using Windows based programs to set up your website, you’ll have a lot more luck with Windows based hosting. Unfortunately, this hosting service is more expensive than Linux, although there are still lots of affordable options available.

Linux hosting

on the other hand, is open source. Because of this, it is cheaper because there aren’t a lot of rights involved in the process of hosting on Linux. It’s the more popular option right now, too, because it has more security measures and fewer security issues. Also, Linux options tend to scale up better than Windows hosting, so you don’t have to change a whole lot as your website grows.